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Promotion to next Substantive Grade
 Mdm Noorismawaty Bte Ismail
Mdm Tay Siau Chen
Mdm Menachi Shanmugan
 Miss Ng Li Min Beverly
 Mrs Woon-Toh Shu Ying
 Ms Carlene Yeo
 Mrs Carolyn Lam Cheong Yee Li
 Mr Thian Jiahui
 Mr Chang Jin Peng, Jeff
 Miss Lai Xiao Xin
 Mdm Hemalatha D/O Karunanithi
 Miss Ng Yin Wai Amber
 Mdm Chua Mong Lin, Connie
 Mrs Mumtaj Menon-Ibrahim
 Mdm Kasimah Binte Kassim
 Ms Angela Merici d/o John
 Mdm Sanisah Bte Rahim
 Mr Yap Heng Yeow


In Semester 1, the Aesthetics Department had participated in the 2019 SYF (Visual Arts) Exhibition. We are proud to announce that all 3 artworks submitted had been shortlisted to be exhibited at the Singapore National Museum.  Exhibition will be from 5 July 2019 – 21 July 2019. 
In addition, 2 of them was awarded Certificate of Recognition while one was awarded the Certificate of Recognition with Special Mention.


SYF 1(1).jpg

Student Artists:
Chua Jia Ying, Magen (2 Integrity)
Shanmyn Lim (2 Harmony)
Choo Peiqing (2 Respect)
Liang Yanru (2 Harmony)

Artist Statement:
By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. This is alarming because plastic pieces like straw can injure, suffocate and even kill sea creatures when they ingest it or get entangled in it. As responsible global citizens, we must do our part to protect the environment. 

Teacher Mentor's Comment:
Throughout the art making process, my students demonstrated maturity and empathy for the environment. They hope to raise an awareness about the world's polluted oceans and inspire more people to act responsibly, through their art piece. Their hard work and dedication to the process of making the artwork is indeed commendable.

Mdm Noor Aishah Bte Amin


SYF 2(1).jpg
Student Artists:
Foo Khai Yee (3 Respect)
Felicia Ho Jia Xuan (3 Respect)
Moza Tasha Btw Mokhtar (4 Courage)
Sofia Adriana Bte Hisyamuddin (4 Harmony)
Syafiq Iman Bin Mohamed Said (4 Courage)
Mohamad Syazwandy Bin Mohamad Ridwan (4 Harmony)

Artist Statement:
Old buildings are disappearing as we speak and the few left behind, sit in the shadows of towering skyscrapers. We realize how fast the landscape is changing beneath our feet. Hence, we decided to create an artwork to remind us of the things we appreciate and love about Singapore today.

Teacher Mentor's Comment:
While creating this artwork, my students learnt the techniques of cutting with stencil knives and making papier-mache to create detailed architectural models. In addition, they were exposed to brief lessons on Singapore’s geography and learnt how to draw simplified images of national monuments and places of interests around Singapore. 

- Mdm Zahara Shahak


SYF 3(1).jpg
Student Artists:
Nur Alisha Humairah Bte Muhammad Hairi (5 Harmony)
Nor Nareshma Fahira Bte Selamat (5 Integrity)
Anggun Zaara Putri Nur Azmi (5 Harmony)
Jaaziel Leong Le Xuan (6 Respect)
Sim Jin Cheng (5 Respect)
Lim Kah Yee (5 Respect)
Gan Zhi Ying (6 Integrity)
Kang Anya (6 Harmony)

Artist Statement:
We want to play our part in encouraging others to reduce their daily plastic use; of which plastic bags are the main culprit. So we discussed and agreed that there is no better way to heal our planet than to eradicate the use of plastic bags and it starts with ourselves.

Teacher Mentor's Comment:

My students aim to create an artwork that is not only worthy of an exhibition but rather one that serves an authentic and critical cause. Hence, they designed 6 slogans, silkscreened them on reusable bags and spearheaded the #betterthanplasticsg movement, in the hope to contribute in making a difference. 

- Mdm Zahara Shahak

Cyberwellness Student Ambassador Award 2019

We are proud that one of our ex-Huaminite, Aldred Tan, was awarded the Cyberwellness Student Ambassador Award (CWSA) on 15 April 2019. 

He was recognized for his leadership & outstanding contribution to HMPS when he was with us.



Newsmakers Award 2019

Samuel Sin Qianen (4 Respect)
Malcolm Khoo Minghao (4 Respect)
Sofia Alayna Binti Muhammad Nur Sufiyan (4 Respect)

Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest 2019

The following students participated in the above competition and had attained these honours for the school.

Azra Nur Natasha Binte Abdul Halim (5 Respect)

Aidan Ow (5 Respect)
Ng Qi Qi (6 Respect)

The Moo-O Awards 2019

Gregorio Deanna (3 Respect)
Suffiya Nur Wirdiana (3 Respect)
Foo Khai Yee (3 Respect)

TL Department Competitions

The following students have attained these awards for the following competitions.

Telok Blangah CC - IAEC
Sanjay Raj Kumar 6 Respect Consolation (Oratorical)

Chong Pang CC - Muthamil Savaal
Nimshi Steven 5 Harmony Consolation (Singing)
Jessica D/O Robin 3 Excellence Consolation (Story-Telling)
Nevish Steven 3 Respect Certificate of Participation (Story-Telling)
Kiruthish Jagannathanath 3 Excellence Certificate of Participation (Story-Telling)
Varsha 5 Integrity Certificate of Participation (Singing)
Sankar Anupama Riddhi 6 Harmony Certificate of Participation (Singing)

Scrabble Zonal Competition

Name Class Position
Zac Png2HBest Player
Zac Png - Team Leader2HMerit
Joyce Tan2EMerit
Teo Wei En2EMerit
Name Class Position
Iskandar Nambiar4RBest Player
Cayden Toh - Team Leader3RFourth 
Koh Jia Wei4RFourth 
Malcolm Khoo3RFourth 
Iskandar Nambiar - Team Leader4RSecond
Anisah bte Hassan4RSecond
Rodney Ong4RSecond

Name Position
Chu Wen Bin - Team LeaderMerit
Rizq AnaqiMerit
Joel KongMerit

Name Position
P2 Super Junior DivisionOverall 3rd

N6 Cluster Media and Design Festival 

Aeronautics and Robotics: (2nd position)

1)      Germaine Ng Kai Ni (4 Courage)

2)      Nicholas Eng Jing Rong (5 Excellence)

3)      Aidan Ow (5 Respect)

Digital Animation: (2nd position)

1)      Lee Kai Qi (4 Respect)

2)      Eva Ye Yi Ting (5 Respect)

3)      Ong Jing Ya Janelle (5 Respect)

Short Film Production: (Recognition award)

1)      Gregorio Daniel Ralph Louis Pamplona (4 Respect)

2)      Muhammad Sharqief Rayan Bin Baharudin (5 Respect)

3)      Sun Hao Yu (5 Courage)