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North West Outstanding School Partner Award

Gold Award


Promotion to next Substantive Grade

Ms Tricia Chen
Mdm Menachi Shanmugan (Mrs Junesh)
Mdm Kerk Lih Jun
Ms Myra Khoo Xin Hui
Mdm Hamidah Bte Hamid
Mdm Siti Kamariah Bte Ismail
Mdm Tham Wenjun
Ms Karen Soon Li Ming
Ms Kat Quek Li Ching
Mr David Lim Kok San
Mdm Jessie Tan Kwee Tin
Mdm Thelagavathi d/o Balakrishnan


English Language
NewsMaker Award

English Speaker's and Write's Award

PESA Upper Primary Category

Maths Olympiad SMOPS P6

Maths Olympiad NMOS P5
Honorable Mention

NewsMaker Award
English Speaker's and Write's Award

PESA Upper Primary Category

Green Living Award

16th Elementz Science Competition
Certificate of Commendation

Sustainable Lifestyle Challenge
(Organised by ITE College South)
2 Merit Awards

Chinese Language
Reading Superstar
Certificate of Accomplishment

Malay Language
Theater Pelajar
4th Place
Best Script Award

Pesta Bahasa Utara @ Chong Pang
Singing of Folk Song - 2nd Position
Poetry Recitation - 4th Position Quatrain Recitation -  4th Position

Malay Writing Competition 2017 (Nusa Malay Language Centre)
2 De Gama - Bronze
3 Edison - Gold
4 Bach - Gold Finalist
5 Wordsworth - Bronze
6 Churchill - Silver & Bronze

National Inter-School Essay-Writing Contest “Karya Minda Kreatif 2017” (EDN Media)

3 Pasteur - Bronze
4 Chopin - Bronze
5 Wordsworth - Silver
6 Churchill - Bronze and Silver

Tamil Language
Muthamil Challenge Trophy

Tanglin CC IAEC Tamil Singing Competition
Certificate of Accomplishment

Tamil Language Month Competition - Singapore Tamil Society
Certificate of Accomplishment

Tirukkurai Recitation and Oratorical Competition
Certificate of Accomplishment

Muthamil Vizha
Certificate of Accomplishment

SPSSC Floorball National Senior Division
Senior Boys - Quarter Finalist
Senior Girls - Preliminary Round

SPSSC Floorball National Junior Division
Junior Boys - Preliminary Round

SPSSC North Zone Hockey Championship
Senior Boys - Champions
Senior Girls - 3rd Place
Junior Boys - 3rd Place
Junior Girls - 3rd Place

SPSSC Hockey National Senior Division
Senior Boys - 4th Place
Senior Girls - 4th Place

SPSSC Hockey National Junior Division
Junior Boys - Preliminary Round
Junior Girls - Preliminary Round

Infocomm Club
First LEGO League Junior Funtastic Challenge
Construction Innovation Award

National Young Shutterbugs Competition
Special Mention

Robotics Club
11th National Robopreneur Carnival (NRPC)
Best Mechanical Design Award - 2nd & 3rd Place
Best Technical Presentation Award - 3rd Place

N6 Cluster Media and Design Festival 2017
2nd Position

World Robo Tournament
1st - Best Robot Performance (Division 1)
2nd - Best Mechanical Design
3rd - Most Bizarre (Creative) Robot Design Award
Best Teamwork Award

Scrabble Club
N16th Inter-School National Scrabble Championship
Senior Division - Preliminary Round
Junior Division - Preliminary Round

Art Club
Singapore Youth Festival
Two Artworks selected for site exhibition

My Army Idol Competition
Three Commendation Award

North Area Outdoor Cooking Competition
2 Silver Awards
2 Bronze Awards

Weiqi Club
26th Shoutan Clup National Weiqi Tournament
2nd Individual Placing
4th Team Placing

National Youth Weiqi Championship
Senior Category
2nd Individual Placing
2nd Team Placing

Junior Category
Preliminary Round

Pines Cup 2017
3rd Runner-up (Singles Category)