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School Partnership


HMPS Partnership Framework focuses on the whole child. It recognises the key roles played by the home, school and community as complementary and building on one another to achieve the shared goal of supporting the child’s learning and development. The framework comprises the 3 components of Philosophy, Principles and Practices.


Huamin Primary School (HMPS) strives to form strategic partnerships with our stakeholders, anchored on the various key approaches with the aim of developing the 21st century competencies in our students. The guiding philosophy of this framework is grounded on the belief that the home, school and community have a shared goal to create an environment that best supports the children’s learning and development. Parents have a primary influence on their children’s total development, while schools provide the foundations through formal education and the community presents authentic opportunities to build the children’s sense of identity and responsibility towards the community. The home, school and community must work together in mutual trust, respect and understanding.



The driving principle of TRUST manifests as:

Trust that is cultivated when school leaders and staff walk the talk, engage in effective communication with the stakeholders and when they provide a personal touch.

Respect for each stakeholder: the child, parent, staff and community members.

Understanding that each stakeholder has equal ownership.

Synergy to combine everyone’s efforts and build a quality relationship for the various partners to find multiple points of connection in terms of shared experiences, interests and hopes

Targets in seeking a common ground and to be guided by common values while respecting individual differences

Key Practices: COMPASS

The framework is grounded on four key practices collectively known as COMPASS: (i) Building a collaborative culture of partnership, (ii) Enabling a meaningful and purposeful partnership (iii) Managing an achievable and sustainable partnership outcomes (iv)  Establishing and maintaining a supportive partnership.

Just like a compass which guides the user in the correct direction, Huamin aims to leverage on COMPASS to steer our students towards holistic development.

Key Approach 1: Collaborative Partnership 

  • Establish and articulate a framework or guiding principles for partnership.
  • Align the school’s partnership goals and programmes with student-centricity and values-driven education.
  • Establish a welcoming school tone through language and actions that foster co-creative partnerships that leverages on each other’s strengths
  • Actively explore and support strategies for effective communications that are proactive, respectful, sincere, two-way and via multiple channels to build trust and consensus between school, students and partners.

  • Set up a working committee with school leaders driving and managing the school’s partnership efforts with insightful direction based on student centricity.
  • Put in place processes to engender partnerships that lead to win-win outcomes for school, students and partners.