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School Tagline, Crest & Motto


-Where pupils learn to love and love to learn -

This is a tagline that the school has adopted for all its stakeholders. Here, in Huamin, we seek to provide quality holistic education. We believe that the best environment for nurturing our pupils is one that can engage our pupils happily and meaningfully, where pupils are happy to learn, teachers are happy to teach, parents are happy to work with and support the school and vendors are happy to serve our needs.

School Crest

The letters H and M derived from 'Huamin' form a solid pyramid structure which signifies the school's belief in providing its pupils with a strong foundation in basic skills for living and in bringing out the best in the pupils.

The design also looks like an 'A' from afar which is to constantly remind the pupils to Aspire towards excellence in their own possible way. There is also a '+' sign in the centre of the design which tells the pupils to continuously add knowledge into their life.

School Motto

"Aspire to Excel"

The school motto is a constant reminder to all our pupils to always give off their best in whatever they do.