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Malay Language

The Malay Language Department aims to cultivate pupils with a passion for the Malay Language and culture through the use of various techniques and programmes. These carefully thought and planned programmes are then carried out in the classes for pupils to benefit from it.

Mdm Kasimah Binte Kassim
Subject Head Malay Language

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, it goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela

Email:  kasimah_kassim@moe.edu.sg 

Members of the Department

1) Mdm Sanisah Binte Rahim ( Senior Teacher Malay Language)
2) Mdm Nuraishah Binte Mahmood (Subject Head ICT)
3) Mdm Hamidah Binte Hamid
4) Mrs Helmeleya Adams
5) Mrs Sharini Fadli
6) Mdm Jasimah Binte Abdul Hamid 

Department’s Mission

Create an environment where pupils will develop a love for Malay Language and have a firm rootedness to the Malay culture.

In line with the department’s vision and mission, the Malay Language Department organises various activities and programmes throughout the year to enhance students’ language competency and to provide them with opportunities to embrace and preserve the beauty of the Malay language and culture.


Adventurous Learners with a passion for the Malay Language.

Aims and Objectives

Malay Language Education in Singapore is to develop each student to be individuals who have Ariff Budiman characteristics – The learned person who contributes to society.

Education in Malay Language plays a role in equipping the pupils with knowledge, skills and attitudes to become a person with Arif Budiman qualities.


To provide students with a strong foundation in the 6 skills of the language, namely; Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Oral and Written communication skills.


Adapted from the 2015 Primary Malay Language Syllabus

·     Cooperative Learning

As the core pedagogy, Cooperative Learning (CL) are used to enhance learning efficiency among diverse groups of students. Students participate actively during CL activities. The CL strategies help to provide students of different abilities to learn from each other and enhance great teamwork.

·    Using e-books to expose P1-P3 students to Malay Folklore/stories with moral values with various activities to increase student’ language skills 
Students are exposed to e-books to create the joy of reading and cultivate good reading habits. Various engaging reading/language activities are conducted to develop the joy of learning Malay Language among students.

 ·  Integration of ICT
Use of interactive and visual online platform to develop self-directed learning and assign meaningful online tasks to reinforce learning. e-Cekap for P1 to P3, Mekar Online for P4 - P6, iMTL Portal for P3-P6, Mc-Online for P1-P6. Various online application (MLCS App such as Cerita Rakyat Nusantara, Pintar Kata, Pintar Peribahasa & etc) or softwares (Kahoots, Nearpod, Plickers & etc) are also used in the teaching and learning of Malay language.

·  Structured Reading Programme
Reading Trail booklet with differentiated activities are given to students to cultivate reading habit and interest among the students. 5-10 mins of silent reading are conducted before every lesson to foster a culture of reading. Best Readers’ award certificates will be given to students at the end of every Semester


Experimental Learning

Learning journeys and outdoor learning such as sandwich and salad making for P1 & P2 students are conducted to provide authentic learning experience for the students. During Mother Tongue Fortnight, various workshops and activities are carried out to develop appreciation of Malay Language and culture. These experiential learning will definitely create a joy of learning to students.



Students use iPads to read the e-book via MLCS Cerita Nusantara App 


Groupwork activities using Cooperative Learning



Various engaging lessons that creates the joy of learning among students





Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities






National Essay Writing Competition ‘Saya Boleh Mengarang’ organized by NUSA Malay Language Centre

Nayli Adriana Binte Shahreen 6 Marshall 
Gold with Distinction Award

Maya Zarifah Bte Zulkanai 3 Edison 
Gold with Distinction Award

Rakhel Ihtiara Binte Yoshiyandi 5 Blake 
Gold Award


National Essay Writing Competition ‘Karya Minda Kreatif 2016’ organized by EDN-Media Consultant Pte Ltd

Andreas Khairiel Bin Burhanudin 6 Churchill
Gold with Distinction

Putri Filzah  Jazlynna Binte Juharie 5 Blake
Gold Award

Nasha Aqeela Binte Shahreen 
4 Bach
Gold Award

Zafyrah Raihan Binte Razid 3 Edison
Silver Award

2nd Position in Fiesta Bahasa Mass Competition organised by Malay Language Learning and Promotion Commitee (MLLPC)

Amielline Lydia Putri Binte Aidil 4 Bach
Nasha Aqeela Binte Shahreen 4 Bach
Nurul Hadirah Binte Mohamed Mahadi 4 Bach
Nur Auzaliqah Binte Mohamad Khanafi 5 Keats
Khairin Afham Bin Azrin 5 Keats
Rakhel Ihtiara Binte Yoshiyandi 5 Blake
Aliff Ariffin Bin Omar 5 Yolen
Rakhel Ihtiara Binte Yoshiyandi 5 Blake



We also work closely with the following stakeholders to enhance teaching and learning for both teachers and pupils.
  • Master Teacher, Cikgu Aidil from NIE on our lesson study
  • Parents Workshop on Oral Skill
  • Parents-Teachers Meet
  • Parents’ involvement in Reading Programme as Reading Mums