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Physical Well-Being

Recess Play @ Huamin: CCA Student Leaders loan out sports equipment during recess for everyone to engage in play and physical activity.

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House System: There is a pervasive House system that allows students to represent their respective House in mass games and sports activities and contribute cumulative points that will decide the Champion House for the year. These activities include:

Lower Primary Sports Carnival: This is held on the eve of Children’s Day annually for our Lower Primary students whereby our P5 students design creative games and run sports booths to engage the younger ones in sports and games.
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Olympic Education Programme/ Sports Day: P4 to P6 students get to experience Sports Day which helps to cultivate Olympic Values such Excellence, Respect and Friendship while vying for honour for their respective houses.



NAPFA Record Breakers Competition: P4 and P6 students push themselves to their limit as they compete with each other to set a personal best in the various stations for NAPFA.

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Napfa 3.jpg
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Outdoor Adventure Camps: There is a level camp for P4 and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Camp for P5 to expose our students to the outdoors to develop relevant camp craft skills such as navigation, pitching of tents, their SEL competencies as well as their awareness of environmental conservation.Upper Primary Inter-House Games Competition: P5 and P6 students build bonds with students from other classes by representing their House and working as a team.

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Student Development: Structured training is conducted to develop our students to serve as leaders. Their leadership qualities are honed through platforms such as PE Ambassador Training as well as Sports CCA Leadership Camp.

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Sports Education Programme (SEP): Students are exposed and encouraged to engage in different sports such as Trampoline, Golf and Wushu through the SEP programme.

P1 SEP Tramapoline


 P2 SEP Golf

P1 Sep Golf.jpg

 P3 SEP Wushu

P2 Sep Golf.jpg

P3 Swimsafer: All our P3 students go through the Swimsafer programme to learn an important life skill.



Structured water and brain breaks: We have a structured water cum brain breaks twice a day at 9:25am and 12:25pm for students to take a brain break and hydrate themselves. Students are allowed to have a second meal break in class at 12:25pm too.