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Mental & Social Well-Being

Holistic Health Talks: Pre-assembly talks are conducted to educate and create awareness amongst staff and pupils.


PAL: Huamin Primary School was one of the schools selected by MOE to pilot the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) in 2010. Under PAL, our pupils will participate in modular activities in four broad areas of:

1. Sports and Games

2. Outdoor Education

3. Performing Arts

4. Visual Arts

PAL allows pupils to have a broad exposure to a range of activities at an entry level, so that they can discover their talents and interests, be it in the outdoors, sports or the aesthetics. Our pupils learn through play and are engaged in fun and varied activities during PAL. PAL is a powerful vehicle to develop Social Emotional Learning competencies, nurture life skills and values within all pupils.


CCA: Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) play an integral role in the holistic development of our pupils. There are 18 different CCAs offered in the school. They range from competitive and recreational sports to Aesthetics: Performing Arts and Visual Arts to Clubs and Uniformed Group. Through pupils’ active participation in CCA, we will be able to nurture and inculcate values such as self-discipline, teamwork, sense of responsibility and sportsmanship. All Primary 3 to 6 pupils are highly encouraged to participate in at least one CCA.