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Department Mission

To enable every child to have enjoyable and purposeful experiences of different visual art media and to have opportunities to explore, experiment, imagine, design, invent and communicate with different art materials. 

To stimulate every child's creativity, initiative and independence by providing a distinctive environment and culture in the school. 

To instill a life-long interest in and an appreciation for the Arts. 
Aesthetics is not just about outer beauty, it is also about depth and inner beauty. The Department strives to provide every Huaminite an opportunity to express themselves in various forms of the arts. Using music and drama as a platform, students get a chance to showcase their talents in performances and take part in various forms of arts competitions.

Visual Arts Department

The Creative Arts Program (C.A.P.S.) at HMPS is managed and directed by the Visual Arts Department. It aims to develop a vibrant culture for the learning and appreciation of Visual Arts and is an integral part of the school’s holistic education where the learning of Visual Arts goes beyond that of art techniques and appreciation.

C.A.P.S is guided by these principles: Expanding Intellectual Capability via Nurturing Creativity; Character Building via Values Education; and Inculcating National Education via Multi-Cultural exposures are met.

Below are the approaches adopted for the students in Huamin Primary:
Lower Consortium (P1 & P2) : Exposure Phase
Middle Consortium (P3 & P4) : Experience Phase
Upper Consortium (P5 & P6) : Excellence Phase

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Mdm Noor Aishah Bte Amin.JPGMdm Noor Aishah Bte Amin.JPG

Mrs Grace Ang 
HOD, Aesthetics/Special Projects

"I'm a passionate believer in the inherent creativity possessed by all people and our inherent ability if it's not clouded by convention to appreciate authentic beauty in all forms, whether we like it or not." 
- Porter Arneill 

Email: grace_tok_sen_aye@moe.edu.sg

Mdm Noor Aishah Amin 
Senior Teacher, Visual Arts 

"Every child is an artist. The problem is 
how to remain an artist once he grows up."
- Pablo Picasso 


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Mr Pang Biao Bin

Senior Teacher, Music

"I cannot write in verse, for I am no poet. 
I cannot arrange the parts of speech with such art as to produce  effects of light and shade, for I am no painter. 
Even by signs and gestures I cannot express my thoughts and  feelings, for I am no dancer. 
But I can do so by means of sounds, for I am a musician."
  - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 ~ 1791)

Email: pang_biao_bin@moe.edu.sg

Members of the Department

Mr Pang Biao Bin
Mdm Noor Aishah
Miss Zahara Shahak
Miss Lim Huey Tyng

Activities in Aesthetics Department


Sculpture Walk

A series of guided tours are organized for students to look at sculptures on four thematic routes in the city. Sculptures are instrumental in imparting values about National Education, our history and a heightened awareness of our environment.


Visit to the Dragon Kiln

Through the visit to the historical and enchanting dragon kiln, students will learn about the kiln's history, construction and firing. They will view a variety of ceramics wares, identifying different cultures and styles from Asia.


Our Huamin Primary official launched the Chrysalis in 2007. In it, we house all the different art pieces from the N3 Cluster schools. Do make an appointment with our Admin staff if you would like to take a look at the gallery. Click here to access the Chrysalis website.

Display of Artworks

To generate pupils‘ interest and appreciation in Art and promoting a vibrant art culture in our school, display of pupils’ artwork are changed regularly.


Our pupils set up their own art business enterprise. Pupils are appointed various positions such as Marketing Manager and Financial Manager to oversee the running of the business.

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Huamin Primary School was one of the schools selected by MOE to pilot the  Programme for Active Learning (PAL) in 2010.

Under PAL, our P1 and P2 pupils will participate in modular activities in four broad areas of:

  1. Sports and Games
  2. Outdoor Education
  3. Performing Arts
  4. Visual Arts

PAL aims to give pupils a broad exposure to a range of activities at an entry level, so that they can discover their talents and interests. This will provide opportunities for our pupils to try out a range of sports, outdoor activities and also a number of visual and performing art forms. In summary, PAL aims to provide the following:

  1. To allow pupils to learn through play and be engaged in fun and varied activities.
  2. To provide a platform for pupils to engage in Social Emotional Learning and develop them in the various SEL competencies.
  3. To provide well-rounded development in the domains of Cognitive, Aesthetics, Moral, Physical and Social.
  4. To nurture life skills and values within all pupils through these activities.  

Music Department

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The music programme in Huamin aims to enrich pupils’ social, cultural and historical awareness in learning of music and provides opportunities for pupils to link the knowledge learnt in the rest of the aesthetic subjects, i.e. Dance, Visual Arts and Drama.

During music lessons, pupils develop fundamental musicianship skills - listening, performing and creating. They are taught essential music theories and focus on performance-based activities. The beautifully illustrated music textbook cum activity book, “Perfect Match Music”, includes various lessons and activities which aim to give pupils an all-rounded approach in music education. Pupils are actively engaged in music making and a variety of instruments are readily available to them in the school’s music room.

Pupils are also given the chances to use the music knowledge which they acquired, in music creating activities. Through the music lessons, talented pupils who are spotted to have a liking and good in music are given various platforms such as M.A.D. (Music And Dance), school concerts, mass singing, etc, allow the pupils to display their talents. Outstanding pupils who displayed exceptionally capabilities in music are then sent for external competitions.

Apart from the general music programme, pupils get the chances to learn other specialized music forms through PAL (Performing Arts) and these PAL (PA) programmes are planned in tandem to the music programme to develop 21st Century skills in our pupils, i.e. to be confident in oneself, self-directed in learning; music rehearsing, contributing actively to the ensemble, concerned citizen through learning about the development of music scenes in Singapore. The PAL (PA) programmes last for 7 weeks, and culminate into a presentation at the end of the programme.