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Updates from Engagement and Research Division


In Mr Ng Chee Meng’s, Acting Minister (Schools) for Education, National Day message to students, he emphasised that “we will continue to achieve greater things as we work, hand-in-hand, to build our Singapore of Tomorrow.”


This reflects the importance of the partnerships between schools, parents and the community. While a large part of our students’ learning takes place in school, it also takes place at home and in the community. By supporting one another, we can work together hand-in-hand, to bring out the best in our children, the pillars of tomorrow’s Singapore.

People, Places, Perspective

Jubilee Walk.png

“Family Time” in Character and Citizenship (CCE) lessons encourages parents to bond with their children through suggested activities. In the spirit of our nation’s birthday month, why not take some “Family Time” to discover the stories of our people, places and events through the Jubilee Walk? You and your child can learn about our heritage and connect the past, present and future of our Singapore Story through fun activities in the ‘Jubilee Walk Family Time Activity Sheet’!

 Click here for more information on the Jubilee Walk and to download the ‘Jubilee Walk Family Time Activity Sheet’.