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Teachers' Day Celebration - Tiny Moments That Matter



Share your story about that teacher who pushed you to do better, who picked you for that performance, who smiled at you and made you feel a part of the school.

We will choose the best stories to turn into illustrations and share them on our social media platforms. Winners will receive two printed illustrated copies (one for your teacher and another for yourself) of your story.


1) Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

2) Write your story (in less than 100 words) on either a Facebook status update, an Instagram post or a tweet.

3) Add #TinyMoments2018 to your post and remember to make your social media accounts public so that we can read your story!


  • Contest closes at 2359hrs on 1 September 2018.
  • Participants must abide by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter’s minimum age requirement of 13 years old.
  • Participants have to follow MOE on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and keep their account or post public during the contest duration.
  • Winners will be evaluated according to the content of the post.
  • When contacted via Private/ Direct Message, winners must submit their full name, age, school (if applicable) and contact number.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.
  • MOE reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not meet the rules of the contest.
  • MOE’s decision on the winning entries is final.
  • MOE reserves the right to publish all winners’ names and contest entries in its publicity materials.
  • MOE reserves the right to use and re-publish the submitted posts in any form.
  • MOE reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, if necessary.


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We are featured in Schoolbag.sg

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January 2017 Issue


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Laying Strong Foundations in Values, Attitudes, Knowledge and Skills

Dear Parent Support Group Chairpersons/ Parent Representatives, Parents and schools play critical roles in laying strong foundations in values, attitudes as well as knowledge and skills.  This month, we share with you 2 areas in which MOE has been working to lay foundation in our children, and how you can support these efforts.

On to a Strong Start at MOE Kindergarten!


As part of MOE’s efforts to provide strong foundations for every child and develop them into well-rounded individuals and lifelong learners, the MOE Kindergartens’ (MK) curriculum is designed to nurture pre-school children holistically so that they are self-confident, have strong social skills, and a good foundation in literacy and numeracy. Children in MKs are provided with an exciting learning journey through two flagship programmes – the HI-Light Programme and Starlight Literacy Programme.


Kindergarten Care, a full-day service for MK children (7am to 7pm), is available at most MOE Kindergartens.


The MK Open Houses on 2 April and 9 April are great opportunities for parents with pre-school children to find out more about these programmes.


Visit an Open House near you and speak to the educators to find out more!


If you know of any parents who are looking for quality and affordable kindergarten programme, do encourage them to RSVP today at www.moe.gov.sg/moekindergarten. Registrations for admission to K1 in 2017 will be accepted at the Open House. Visit the website for more details.


Operation WE Clean UP


Earlier last month, MOE announced that students in all schools will be involved in and help each other in the daily cleaning of their school environment. Through this, schools hope to inculcate in students good life habits, and a sense of responsibility and care for their own space and for shared spaces.


Such values cannot be inculcated in our children without parental support and partnership in mutually reinforcing these values in school and at home.  On Sunday, 8 May 2016as part of the Keep Singapore Clean (KSC) Movement the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) is organising a one-day mass litter picking exercise to involve everyone in Singapore for a truly clean Singapore.  You and your children can be part of this island-wide effort either by leading an ‘Operation’ or joining an ‘Operation’:


Lead an ‘Operation’:

·         Commit to a location and register here

·         Rally your family, friends and community to join you

·         Attend a briefing session conducted by PHC on 9 April 2016


Join an ‘Operation’

·         Choose your preferred ‘Operation’ location here(locations will be displayed by end April)

·         Contact the respective organiser to sign up

·         Encourage your family and friends to join you


For more details, do visit PHC’s website. If you have any suggestions on how you can support the KSC Movement, email PHC at the following email address:publichygienecouncil.sg@gmail.comDo rally other parents to participate in this meaningful event!


Don’t forget to tag your photos and stories with#keepsgclean!

Please share this email with your PSG members and friends, and connect with us on MOE Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube channel.  You can also visit Schoolbag.sg website for more education news, and stories on school programmes and activities. 

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Thank you for your efforts in strengthening and promoting school-home-community collaborations in your role as a Parent Support Group member. We look forward to your continued support in this meaningful partnership of nurturing the next generation.

Are you a Savior Mum or Dad?

Dear Parents,
An article, ‘Are you a Saviour Mum or Dad?’ has been published on Schoolbag. Do click on the following link to access the article. https://schoolbag.sg/story/are-you-a-saviour-mum-or-dad


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Resources for parents and schools

1.This slides provide useful tips and resources for parents regarding the transition to P1 and Sec 1. 
Click here for slides on Preparing Your Child For Primary One
Click here for slides on Secondary Education Landscape

2. Watch how a conversation amongst 3 parents on their approaches towards the selection of secondary schools for their children unfolds

3.Infographic: Choosing a Secondary School
The Singapore education system offers many choices for primary school children as they enter the next phase of learning in a secondary school. 
View this infographic on factors to consider in choosing a secondary school.

Handbook: Secondary School Education
Read this booklet to understand our secondary school landscape. The choices that  children  make will influence his secondary school experience during this crucial period of adolescence.

Are we expecting too much?

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Safeguarding your child online

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