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Our Programmes

chrysalis_our_programmes_img1.pngOur success in the new economy will largely depend on the intellectual capacity of our people. A key attribute that our people must have is the ability to innovate and create new knowledge. Creativity will be the core of our economic life and a crucial ingredient to enhance the competitiveness of our nation.
As such, in Huamin Primary School, we believe that Art Education is crucial in enabling students to meet new challenges arising from these changes around us. Our strategy is an ability-driven education with breadth and depth that aims to develop the full potential of our students, and to ensure that their talents and abilities are nurtured.
Art education has an important part to play in this paradigm. It adds an extra dimension to the education of our young that harnesses the full range of their talents. It fuels their imagination and develops their creativity. It enables students to see inter-relationships among ideas as well as to adapt, generate and create new ideas and products.

Art Education encourages expression and contributes to the overall development of social skills, such as valuing diversity in ideas, confidence-building and character development. In addition, Art Education provides the channel to foster the appreciation of one's cultural heritage and social harmony, through strengthening the understanding of one’s national identity and ethnic culture.
The Art Faculty of Huamin Primary School has developed Creative Art Programme for Students (C.A.P.S) which provides every student with a solid foundation in art. This programme is based on the framework shown below:

Strategic Areas

C.A.P.S Framework

C.A.P.S provides our students with a balanced and well-rounded holistic education, one that has breadth and depth and offers adequate diversity and choice to cater to their different interests and talents, while at the same time equipping them with the essential skills in art.

C.A.P.S Vision

Our long term C.A.P.S vision is to develop a vibrant culture for the learning and appreciation of the arts in our school.

Objectives of C.A.P.S

Aims to develop a vibrant culture for the learning and appreciation of visual arts in Huamin Primary School.

Modular Art Programme

i ) Exploration & Challenging the Curious Mind

Fires pupils' imagination and challenges their minds to create and go beyond what is currently available and hence instilling a sense of curiosity and innovation.

ii) Experience & Nurturing the Adventurous Spirit

Creating opportunities for pupils to experience different visual art forms through local and overseas art immersion programmes and learning journeys. The understanding and knowledge they have gained through this direct experience would develop a spirit of resilience and confidence to innovate new artistic ideas.

iii) Exposure & Cultivating the Passionate Heart
Knowing why and how art is created and viewed in the Singapore context deepens student understanding of their own cultural heritage and national identity, hence cultivating in our students the sense of national and cultural rootedness. Besides being exposed to other cultural art forms, C.A.P.S will place special emphasis on local ethnic visual art forms to surface the awareness of the rich ethnic diversity in Singapore.

Thus, the C.A.P.S Programme nurtures students with all-round strengths the mind, body and soul — while providing space for those with special artistic talents in a single visual arts area to go as far as they can (breadth and depth of ability-driven education).

Modular Art Programme

chrysalis_our_programmes_img3.pngTo ensure breadth, every level undergoes an extensive exposure to the C.A.P.S which includes the Modular programme. Students are exposed to different art mediums such as:
  • Batik
  • Ceramic
  • Graffiti
  • Print-Making
  • Art Appreciation

The programme has been rolled out since 2005 and in each module
pupils go through three phases:

Lower Consortium: P1 & P2 - Experimentation
Middle Consortium: P3 & P4 - Practice
Upper Consortium: P5 & P6 - Application

The three phases (which ensures depth) that pupils are taken through are in tandem with the school's philosophy of education.

At the end of Primary 6, every Huaminite should demonstrate very high levels of interest, self-motivation and commitment towards visual art as a consequence of our structured but flexible approach.