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1.     North-Zone On-the-Spot Art Competition


On 4 Nov, Huamin Primary organised the On-the-Spot Art Competition for North-zone Primary and Secondary schools. The theme was “Citizens of the World – Towards a Gracious Society” which was in alignment with MOE’s vision of fostering 21st Century Competencies in our pupils as concerned citizens and active contributors. Through this theme, we hope to raise awareness in our pupils on the importance of being gracious citizens who will contribute passionately to society. Most importantly, the competition provided a platform for our young artists to express their artistic talent, at the same time giving them the opportunity to experience and showcase it.

Result: 3rd Prize (Upper Primary Category)

Art Exhibition @ Yishun Library

Pict 2.1.jpg

As part of our efforts to reach out to the community and create awareness for art appreciation, Huamin Primary School, once again held an Art exhibition at Yishun Regional Library. Based on the theme “Nature”, the artworks featured a diversity of creative masterpieces and they ranged from representational to non-representational pieces. Overall, the exhibition was well curated and it attracted a lot of good reviews from the members of the public. We will continue to collaborate with the library to showcase our pupils’ works to the community and for the community to learn and appreciate the various visual art forms.

Printmaking Workshop @ Yishun Library

Pict 3.2.jpgOn 4 June, Huamin Primary conducted a two-hour Printmaking Workshop for the public at Yishun Regional Library. Twenty-four children aged between 6 to 12 years old experienced Scratch-board Printmaking by compressing foam-boards with simple tools such as wooden skewers, chopsticks and the end of paintbrushes to create simple designs. These designs were printed on paper bags for them to bring home. It was a fun and engaging session.         

Art Beyond the classroom - Working hand-in-hand with the community

Pict 4.3.jpgAs part of our school’s National Education (NE) efforts, the NE messages and values are incorporated in our art lessons. One platform was through the “3 Cheers for Our Community at Hougang Mall” with Asiamalls Management Pte Ltd. In line with the National Day theme “Our People, Our Home”, pupils from Huamin Primary School and the North 3 Cluster schools were invited to paint on A2-sized canvases, depicting what the national spirit meant to them. A total of 184 beautiful and meaningful artworks were painted by the pupils. The idea was to use Art to link the thoughts and the spirit of these pupils to form a unique art installation by itself. The result was a gigantic three-dimensional artwork, hung from the skylight down through the atrium of the mall. The artwork was displayed in Hougang Mall from 8 August to mid November 2014.

Recipe Book Design - Working hand-in-hand with the community

recipe 3.jpgrecipe 4.jpg

As part of our partnership, Asia Mall worked together with Huamin Primary School in organising an Art Competition solely for Huamin pupils. In this competition, our pupils had to design a cookbook cover and three index cards for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The final artworks were compiled in the Recipe book. The books were published and distributed to the residents.

Peace Poster Contest 2014

Pict 6.jpg

Each year, Lions Clubs around the world proudly sponsor the Lions International Peace Poster Contest in local schools and youth groups. This art contest for children encourages young people worldwide to express their visions of peace. For more than 25 years, millions of children from nearly 100 countries have participated in the contest. This year's theme, "Peace, Love and Understanding" increases our pupils' awareness of the co-relation between peace, love and understanding. The Aesthetics Department is proud to announce that Chin Ruiyi from 6A1 is one of the finalists for this contest.

Anti- Drug Art Competition

Pict 7.1.jpg

Our pupils took part in the “Design an Anti-Drug Poster Design Competition” organised by CNB Preventive Education Unit. They created posters that highlighted about the dangers of drug abuse in their own styles. On the whole, it was a good competition as it increased pupils’ awareness on the negative effects drugs can have on their lives. It also taught pupils that living drug free can lead to a happier, more positive, successful life.

Result: Winner

Recognising Our NS Men Project

flipped.jpgAs part of our Total Defence & CCE efforts, the pupils of Huamin Primary took the initiative to show their appreciation for the servicemen of 806SIR by designing thank you cards and writing notes of appreciation to our NSmen who sacrificed their holidays with their families and loved ones to perform their duties in keeping our country safe during the Lunar New Year.

The cards brought joy to the 910 NSmen.

Visit to Dragon Kiln

Pict 9.1.jpg

On 5th November, the Art and Ceramic Club members visited the Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln to get to know more about ceramic art. Through experiential learning, the Learning Journey was meant to serve a few objectives:

·        To learn about the basic hand - building techniques to create 3D art;

·        To gain exposure to various types of ceramic firing method and its relevant equipment;

·        To learn about art heritage in the form of the traditional Dragon Kiln


The  Learning Journey was certainly an enriching, fulfilling one for all our pupils and we hope to be able to continuously be able to bring our pupils to such places to always get the opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

P3, P4 and P5 Learning Journey to Singapore Art Museum

Pict 10.1.jpg

As part of our school’s Art programme and our efforts in providing a holistic curriculum for our pupils, Huamin Primary conducted a Learning Journey to the Singapore Art Museum. During the exhibition, pupils had the opportunity to view the exhibits at the ‘Mediums at Large’ exhibition.

This exhibition which boasts a collection of 32 artworks created by artists from Singapore, Asia and Southeast Asia, explored the idea of medium in contemporary art. It examined some of the most fundamental and pressing questions of art – its making, and also our experiences, encounters and understanding of it.

It was an enriching experience. Our pupils were immersed in the art activities and reflection exercises, encouraging them to probe and ponder the fluid, and usually ever-elusive, nature of art. 

Post PSLE Arts Workshop at the Singapore Art Museum

Pict 11.1.jpg

As part of post-PSLE programme, our P6 pupils participated in the Deutsche Bank Art Bus Programme at the Singapore Art Museum.

The Deutsche Bank Art Bus Programme is a multi-disciplinary and holistic contemporary art experience that involves the learning of specific art techniques that encourages originality and development of language, skills and confidence.

Our pupils enjoyed the Learning Journey. They were given the opportunity to explore their creative potential through hands-on art-making and working with different materials which is aligned with the school’s objective of fostering creativity and adventurous learners. In addition, it provided our pupils with an opportunity to practice good museum etiquette and to develop an appreciation of contemporary art.

Passion Arts Village Festival Pineapple Collage Project

Pict 12.1.jpgHuamin Primary collaborated with PA Passion Arts Village on 31 May 2014 to create a huge pineapple collage project at the Nee Soon Central Hard Court. Our pupils were taught to do pineapple artworks and they in turn taught the residents. Our pupils’ artworks were also part of the exhibition held in the area.

Art Appreciation Talk by National Art Gallery

Pict 13.jpgThe National Art Gallery conducted an Outreach talk to introduce our Art and Ceramic Club members to the key artworks in the national collection. Through the talks and learning resources, our pupils were able to identify and describe compositional elements in art and develop an appreciation of key artworks of Singapore and Southeast Asia. Pupils were also confident to develop their responses and articulate their interpretation of artworks, in a personal or historical context.


Tan Kah Kee NE Art Challenge 2014

Pict 14.1.jpg

On 10 Nov 2014, our pupils participated in the annual Tan Kah Kee National Education (NE) Art Challenge. In line with Mr Tan Kah Kee’s beliefs, the theme for the challenge was “Celebrating SG50! Stories Defining Who We Are”. Through the competition, our pupils shared their hopes and aspirations for the future of what Singapore means to them.

Result: Merit Award