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Singapore Biennale

Singapore Biennale 2013 Artists-in-Schools Projects will see four local artists and artist collectives to initiate a series of collaborative art projects across Singapore's educational institutions. In partnership with SAM, the artists – Hazel Lim, Erica Lai, Tay Bee Aye and Zinc Nite Crew (ZNC) – have proposed collaborative artistic projects, exploring topics such as environmentalism, biodiversity and community ties. This year, Huamin Primary is proud to be working with one of the artists, Slacsatu from Zinc Nite Crew (ZNC) on an art project where they recycled water bottles into floral sculptures which will eventually be exhibited at Singapore National Library in October. This project not only exposed our pupils to a new art form and art techniques, it also taught our pupils the importance of recycling and its benefits.

Art Workshop At Naval Base Secondary School

On 17 April 2013, eight P6 pupils attended an Art Enrichment Workshop organised by Naval Base Secondary School. During the workshop, they were taught to paint in the style of Impressionism and were introduced to a famous Impressionist artist, Claude Monet. The organisers also brought our pupils on a tour of the school campus and its art gallery. Our pupils enjoyed themselves immensely.

PassionArts Village at Nee Soon East Courtyard

On Sunday 14 April, our pupils were involved in the PassionArts Village at Nee Soon East Courtyard. The meaningful event not only provided our pupils with an opportunity to showcase their talents to the residents of Nee Soon East, it also allowed the public to learn more about ceramics through the exhibition of artworks and ceramics demonstration. The event was a success and Huamin Primary School received many positive feedbacks. On the whole, our pupils enjoyed being part of the event and hope to participate again next year.

YED Art Competition


On 8 April 2013, four of our pupils participated in the “Youth for the Environment Day (YED) On-the-Spot Art Competition” organised by Nan Hua High School for North Zone schools. Entitled “My Clean Singapore”, our pupils drew pictures showing what their family, friends and they can do for a clean Singapore. Results: 2nd Prize Consolation Prize

MOE Excel Festival

From the 4 April to 6 April, Huamin Primary School pupils and staff were involved in the MOE Excel Fest 2013. The exhibition presented how the school optimizes on its Visual Arts and Outdoor Education programmes to develop and expand pupils intellectual capabilities via nurturing creativity, teaching of character building via values education, inculcating national education via multi-cultural exposure and providing pupils with a different learning experience - giving our pupils a more rounded and holistic education. The exhibition not only provided our pupils with a platform to showcase our programme, it also gave our pupils an opportunity to be confident speakers as they presented the school’s programme and achievements to the public. The exhibition was a success as we received many encouraging and positive feedbacks from visitors who were impressed with the school’s programme and our pupils’ public speaking skills and confidence. To find out more about the exhibition, you may view this link: (http://zinoviegrace.wix.com/moe-excel-fest)

HeartlanD Beat Art Competition 2013

On March 2013, five pupils participated in the HeartlanD Beat Art Competition 2013. Based on the theme “Friends Next Door”, our pupils painted a scene of how an active and cohesive HDB community should look like. Through their art, they shared memorable experiences where acts of kindness and consideration were shown by their neighbours. Through this competition, our pupils not only picked up art techniques and skills, they also learnt the importance of being a good neighbour. Result: Merit Award

Macau Visited Huamin

On 28 March, a group of 30 educators from Macau visited Huamin Primary as part of their Pedagogy Learning Trip. During the visit, the educators were given a pedagogy briefing from both the English HOD and Mother Tongue (CL) Coordinator. The educators attended a mini workshop on print-making – conducted by our Print-making instructor, and viewed the exhibits in Chrysalis. This visit has strengthened ties between the Macau educators and Huamin teachers. They have all benefited from this session as teachers learn about each other’s school programmes. The hands-on session also gave the Macau educators an opportunity to experience art lesson together with the pupils.

Pillars Painting Project at Nee Soon East Courtyard


On 16 March, a group of Huamin Primary School pupils travelled to the Nee Soon East Courtyard to paint the pillars of the sheltered walkway surrounding the courtyard. The project is one of our many collaborative efforts with Nee Soon East CC to bring art to the community. In addition, it also provides our pupils with a platform to showcase their talent and apply what they learnt during their art lessons in the real world. The painting session was a success as pupils received many positive comments from the public. The organiser was also delighted with how our pupils have managed to infuse Chinese, Malay, Peranakan, Indian and Western culture into the design of the pillars reflecting Singapore’s multi-cultural society. The Minister of Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat also visited the pillars and added a touch to them. 

Fun with Koinobori

As part of Huamin Primary School’s collaborative effort, we worked together with Liang Court shopping mall to create ‘koinobori’ (Japanese flying carps) to be exhibited in Liang Court shopping mall atrium during their annual iconic event (Konnichiwa Japan Fest) from 19 April – 12 May. The objectives of this collaboration are to celebrate the culture of being eco-conscious and eco-friendly and to educate the public on the Japanese culture. Prior to the event, art teachers from the cluster schools went through a Koinobori-Making Workshop so as to better equip them with the skills in assisting their pupils to create the koinobori. During art lessons, our pupils had fun turning discarded plastic bottles into beautiful koinobori which reflected on their creative use of recycled materials. In total, Huamin Primary contributed 122 koinobori to Liang Court shopping mall. On 19 April, Liang Court shopping mall had their “Konnichiwa Japan Fest” Opening Ceremony. Huamin Primary’s pupils and staff were invited to the event. Our Vice-Principal, Mrs Corinne Kwan spoke at the event to thank the organiser for providing our pupils with a platform to showcase their talents and for giving us an opportunity to work on this meaningful project. We look forward to working on more of such projects in the future.

Art on the Rubbish Bin……

Creativity can be displayed anywhere…. Even on rubbish bins. On 3 March 2013, a group of pupils spent their Sunday morning painting rubbish bins at Yishun Park. Images of flowers, leaves, insects and birds were painted on these bins. Our pupils were pleasantly surprised by the positive and encouraging response given to them by visitors to the park. The experience not only gave our pupils the opportunity to display their talents, but also provided them an avenue to share the joy and value of art with the community. Art is FUN and EXCITING both in and out of classroom!

On-the-Spot Art Competition at Yishun Junior College

On 2 March 2013, some of our pupils participated in an ‘On-the-Spot Art Competition’ jointly organised by Yishun Junior College and Nee Soon East Community Centre. Entitled “Sharing with my friends” (Lower Primary) and “Sharing with my community” (Upper Primary), our students explored and displayed their creativity which helped to stretch their minds.  Results: 1st Prize – Lower Primary Category 3 Consolation Prizes - Upper Primary Category

Origami with Lions Befrienders

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, twenty senior citizens from the Lions Befrienders visited our school on 6 February 2013. After enjoying the concert put up by our pupils, the senior citizens were involved in an Origami session where they learnt to fold papers to form snake scales. These scales were then assembled together to form a snake, welcoming the Year of the Snake.

FACT - Poster Design Competition

On 2 February 2013, three of our pupils participated in FACT (Fundamentals Against Crime Tactics), a poster design competition organised by Ang Mo Kio Police Division which targeted at the youth participants of primary schools. Based on their understanding of crime prevention, our pupils worked in a group to design their own unique and creative poster. Results: Champion Award

Artmazing Race – An Art Trail by YJC Art

Artmazing Race.jpg

On 22 May 2013, 30 pupils from the Art Club and Ceramics Club participated in an art trail organised by Yishun Junior College. The trail along Singapore River exposed pupils to 7 public sculptures where they learnt more about public art in Singapore. Games and activities conducted also allowed them to understand the history and heritage of Singapore’s development throughout the years through the appreciation of public artworks.

Singapore Youth Festival 2013 Art Exhibition

Spore Youth Festival.jpg

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition is an annual event that aims to provide opportunities for our pupils to showcase their artistic talents and to promote art appreciation in our schools. This year, our pupils participated in all the 3 categories and the artworks ranged from painting to ceramics. The standard of work was good and one of the works was awarded the Certificate of Recognition. Congratulations to our pupils!

ArtOPus Competition 2013


Aimed to groom and develop young potential artists, the annual ArtOPus Competition is a platform for young artists in the primary schools to express their talents. This year, our pupils participated in the competition and they performed very well.


1st Prize

Visit by educators and students from China

On 11 July 2013, Huamin Primary welcomed a group of educators and students from China. Mini workshops on Printmaking and Ceramics were conducted for them. They also had the opportunity to view the exhibits in Chrysalis. Both schools benefitted from the visit as teachers learnt about each other’s school programmes. The hands-on sessions also gave the educators an opportunity to experience art lesson together with the pupils.

National Fire & Emergency Preparedness Council Art Competition for Primary Schools 2013

Our students participated in an Art competition organised by the National Fire & Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) which was opened for all Primary 4 to 6 pupils. Our pupils created beautiful artworks based on the theme “Be Responsible: Be Prepared for Emergencies”. The competition was a good platform for creating greater awareness of fire prevention and civil emergency preparedness among the pupils through the use of art.


2nd Prize

P1 and P2 Learning Journey to SAM

P1 and P2 LJ to SAM.jpg

As part of our school’s STELLAR and art programmes, a learning journey to the Singapore Art Museum was conducted in Term 3 for all Primary 1 and 2 pupils. During this visit, pupils were given the opportunity to view the exhibits at the Art Garden Exhibition. They explored the exhilarating world of contemporary art through the installations and were able to wander through fairy tales where they stretched their imagination and got lost in dreams.

Introduction to Caricature Assembly Talk

Introduction to Caricature Assembly Talk.jpg
On 31 July 2013, Huamin pupils and teachers were introduced to caricature drawings by Mr Kamal Dollah, a professional caricaturist. Through his step-by-step instructions, pupils were fascinated by his creativity and they also developed a higher appreciation for caricature art.

Ceramics Workshop@Lighthouse School


On 26 Aug 2013, a ceramics workshop was conducted for a group of children from the Lighthouse School. The Lighthouse School is a school that provides special education to children with visual impairment and children with hearing impairment. During the workshop, these children manipulated clay to make the silhouette of their hands. Though it was a challenging task, they enjoyed themselves tremendously. We hope to collaborate with the school further by bringing our pupils to the school in the future as such experiences can instil  empathy and compassion for others which is in-line with our school’s vision of “Caring Thinkers and Passionate Contributors”. 

heart FOR ART

Heart for ART.jpg

During the June holidays, staff from Huamin Primary School came together to create a collection of artworks. Guided by the school’s resident artists, they explored different art forms, mediums and techniques such as printmaking, ceramics and acrylic painting to create beautiful 2D and 3D artworks.  The artworks were auctioned off and the proceeds were donated to the President’s Challenge 2013 to benefit the less fortunate in Singapore.             

Mid-Autumn Cum Aesthetics Night

Mid Autumn.jpg

Huamin Primary collaborated with community partners namely, the Grassroots RCs, CDAC, KTPH and the HPB in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival cum Aesthetics Evening. The event was organised in the school’s premises in August 2013 for the purpose of providing Huaminites, CDAC beneficiaries and members of the Zone 9 RC an opportunity to learn about the traditions of the festival and enjoy the festive activities. They were also treated to an Art exhibition showcasing artworks created by teachers.

Peace Poster Contest 2013

Peace Poster Contest.jpg

Each year, the Lions Club around the world proudly sponsors the Lions International Peace Poster Contest in local schools and youth groups. This art contest for children encourages young people worldwide to express their visions of peace. This year, our pupils created artworks based on the theme “Our World, Our Future” and the works created were unique and expressed their life experiences and culture.


Consolation Prize

International Intercultural Mural Exchange (IIME)                   by Japan Art Mile

IIME by Japan Artmile.jpg

IIME is a project of international collaborative learning implemented with schools in Japan as part of school education. For a year, a group of pupils collaborated with two schools in Japan namely Yoshino Elementary School and Minimitsurumaki Elementary School. The project required our pupils to research on global themes, share their  learning using the internet (forum) and finally expressing their collaborative learning in a visible way by creating murals of painting half by half. Our pupils enjoyed and appreciated the idea of working on the same project with friends from Japan. The murals are now with Japan Art Mile and will be displayed in Japan and around the world as part of their International Exhibition.

Visual Arts Symposium 2013

Visual Arts Symposium 2013.jpg

Huamin organised its 2nd Visual Arts Symposium on 3rd Oct 2013 which was attended by 100 educators from various schools and educational organizations in Singapore. Participants were addressed by 3 keynote speakers, Dr Susie Lingham – Director of Singapore Art Museum's, Dr Alan Chong - Director of the Asian Civilisations Museum and Mr Mohammed Zulkarnaen Othman – Winner of the Young Artist Award 2013 on the theme, “Integrating Visual Arts into The Lives of Our Students : Role of Museums in Arts Education”. The participants were also treated to an engaging and educational guided museum tour of the Asian Civilisations Museum.

Ceramics Exhibition in Woodlands Regional Library

Ceramics Xhibit at Woodlands Library.jpg

As part of bringing the arts to the community, our pupils’ ceramic works were exhibited at the Woodlands Regional Library from October 2013 to June 2014. Based on the theme “Animals”, the exhibition provided a platform for our pupils to showcase their talents and to share wonderful and creative artworks with the community.

Post-PSLE Mural Painting

Post PSLE Mural.jpg

Our P6 students were involved in a mural painting project as part of their Post-PSLE programme. For two weeks, they painted murals in Pop Art style outside our 3 art rooms. The finished mural not only added cheer and splendour to the corridor but also built teamwork and confidence of the pupils in the process. 

Wall Mural Painting at Blk 349

Wall Mural Painting at Blk 349.jpg

As part of our collaborative effort with Nee Soon CC, pupils painted a mural at Block 349 Yishun, together with residents who lived in the area.  The MP for Nee Soon GRC, Professor Faishal Ibrahim also participated in the painting of this mural wall. The wall depicts the vibrancy and development of the Singapore City. Residents are happy to have the beautiful and colourful mural wall as it brightens the block and area around it.

Cultural Immersion Program to Hong Kong

Cultural Immersion Prog to Hong Kong.jpg

25 visual and performing arts pupils were handpicked as part of the Talent Development Program to embark on the Cultural Immersion Program to Hong Kong last November. Part of this program included a collaborative project where pupils from both schools had to work together on art pieces that depicted the culture, places of interest and festivals of each country.

The pupils of both schools collaborated on art works related to the topic of ‘Homes’ after an initial Skype session.

The collaboration started a month before the trip where pupils and teachers from both schools skyped with each other in an hour long session. They were introduced to each other’s country, school, culture, places of interest and major festive celebrations. Pupils from both schools then decided on 5 scenes which they would like to work on:

1)         National Flower (Vanda Miss Joaquim / Bauhinia)

2)         Place of Interest (Sentosa / Ocean Park)

3)         Religious Monument (St Andrew’s Cathedral / Big Buddha on Lantau Island)

4)         City Skyline (Gardens by the Bay / Victoria Peak)

5)         Festival (Christmas / Dragon Boat Festival)

Pupils from Huamin then researched and drew on the 5 scenes of Hong Kong and vice versa for the pupils from Hong Kong. Huamin pupils also created the backdrop for the Hong Kong pupils to work on; the backdrops were later mailed to the Hong Kong pupils 3 weeks prior to the trip. When the pupils met each other in Hong Kong, the art pieces were placed side by side and pupils from both schools presented their respective art pieces. They talked about the process and challenges they met while working on the project. The art pieces were then presented to the Hong Kong Taoist Wun Tsuen School as part of our gift to them for collaborating with us and hosting us so warmly. The collaboration allowed our pupils to learn to work with pupils from a different country and culture.These collaborations are slightly different from the rest as the pupils get to share and agree on what they would like to work on. The pupils also needed to research on the scenes before they embarked on the actual drawing. They also had to learn to work with pupils from a different country and different culture. The collaboration with the HK School went well, with the pupils learning and enjoying the process.