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Visit by Bhutan Officials


The Art Department started the year by warmly welcoming the Deputy General of Education and officers of Bhutan to our school on 10 January. The visitors were taken on a guided tour to our Art Gallery. They showed great interest in our school's Art programme. The visit was indeed a wonderful avenue to learn from each other. It had also strengthened the friendship between the two countries.

Visitors from China


On 11 January, the Art Department was delighted to welcome a group of teachers and students from Xi Da Xue Nan Lu Primary School, China. To give them a glimpse of what our pupils are learning in Huamin, our friends from China were given the opportunity to try their hands on Ceramics and Printmaking. It was a new experience for these visitors and they enjoyed themselves very much.

"A Moving Masterpiece" Exhibition

History came to life when 37 Art Club and Ceramics Club members went on an exciting and inspiring learning journey to "A Moving Masterpiece" Exhibition at Singapore Expo on 17 January. The pupils were impressed with the exhibition which brought the Song Dynasty to life through digital technology. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Elderly from Lions' Befrienders Service Association


What a meaningful day it was when 18 elderly from the Lions' Befrienders Service Association visited our school on 20 January. Together with our pupils, they spent the morning expressing their creativity and exploring colours in a watercolour painting session. It was a fun and relaxing session where they gained confidence as they painted images of flowers. They were impressed with their own masterpieces. The session aimed to develop our pupils to be "Caring Thinkers, Adventurous Learners, Passionate Contributors" who have a heart for others and believe that they can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Painting and Bonding Session for Parents and Pupils

In Huamin, we believe that a conducive classroom environment plays a crucial role in the learning and development of pupils. A nurturing environment enhances the curricular and co-curricular activities that our pupils are currently involved in. This year, the school embarked on a P3 Wall Mural Project where P3 pupils, teachers and parents came together for two days to paint a portion of the wall in their respective classrooms based on the themes related to Singapore: Places of Interest, Defence and Housing and Transportation. Through this activity,pupils also further heightened their love and respect for Singapore.

On-the-Spot Art Competition at Yishun Junior College


On 25 February, 10 pupils participated in the On-the-Spot Art Competition organised by Yishun Junior College. The theme of the competition was "Creating a Harmonious Society". The competition was an opportunity for our pupils to showcase their artistic and creative talents.


1st & 2nd Prize in the Upper Primary Category

"Trees for Life" Art Competition 2012

16 pupils participated in the "Trees for Life" Competition 2012 organised by the National Parks Board. This is a nationwide competition for the children and youth of Singapore to express their love for trees and nature through artistic creations. The competition generated interest among our pupils who spent three weeks on their artworks.

Art Exhibition at Woodlands Regional Library


The exhibition, which was held from 10 March to 29 March, aimed to showcase our pupils' creativity and innovation, generate the public's interest and appreciation in art and promote a vibrant art culture in the community. It featured works by pupils from all levels and these works included Ceramics, Handicraft, Mosaic, Painting and Printing.

Printmaking Workshop at Woodlands Regional Library


This workshop was conducted on 12 March. At the workshop, participants learnt to make foam-cuts which is a relief printing artistic technique in printmaking. All the participants had fun exploring this form of printing and were excited to see how their prints would turn out. They left the workshop with their masterpieces and the knowledge of a different kind of art technique.

Lego & Visual Arts Collaboration with OECD Tohoku School, Japan


From end February to end March, some pupils in the Art and Ceramics Clubs created Lego works in the hope to motivate and inspire the Japanese children who were affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Based on the theme "Creating our Revitalised Future", our pupils created gardens, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, factories, shops, etc. The Lego creation looked impressive. Most importantly, this collaborative activity provided the Japanese children with hope, encouragement and inspiration.



In March and April 2012, two of our students were identified and recommended to participate in the 2012 SOTA Junior Academies Workshop. These students committed themselves to a series of 6 workshops where they were given exposure and training in Visual Arts.

Reflection on the pupils’ SOTA Junior Academy experience:

“We are very proud to be selected to participate in this SOTA Visual Arts workshop. During the lessons at SOTA, we learnt a lot of new things and experienced doing different techniques that we would not be able to do in school, such as the techniques learnt during the first three lessons in ceramics.”



On 13 April, Huamin Primary hosted the Communities of Practice for N3 Cluster schools. Enhancing the capacity of the teaching staff as the key focus, we had sharing by Edgefield Secondary on Digital Art and Yio Chu Kang Primary on Art Journaling. The teachers found the sessions interesting. Moreover, such sharing helps to build a strong teaching force that allows the teachers to learn new ways of teaching and to re-think school processes in a different context. 



In Term 2, our pupils participated in “The Art of Keeping Singapore Clean and Green” Art Competition organised by Nan Hua High School. The competition is in line with Singapore’s effort in creating greater awareness of how to adopt a lifestyle that helps to keep Singapore clean and green as well as to promote this awareness to other students through their art.


2nd Prize

Merit Prize



In Term 2, all Primary 1 pupils participated in the “My Bright Smile” Art Competition organised by Colgate-Palmolive supported by Health Promotion Board. The pupils enjoyed themselves portraying good oral health and positive oral hygiene habits through art.

MDAS Collaboration & Staff Workshop


On 31 May 2012, our art teacher, Miss Zahara, our school counsellors, Mr Kwok and Ms Liza and our LBS AED, Ms Irene visited Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore. Together, they facilitated a Printmaking Workshop for the members of MDAS. During the workshop, the members were exposed to simple printmaking techniques using common everyday objects. This particular workshop was also carried out in Huamin as part of our Staff Workshop. The beautiful end products were then put together to create mixed media assemblage which was later donated to MDAS.



2012 marked Esplanade's 10th anniversary. In light of this, Esplanade decides to embark on a Values Inspired Project where they invite schools to help design a set of claddings based on different values. These claddings once completed, will be displayed at Esplanade during their different festivals. Huamin Primary School participated in this project and chose HOME as its value.

During this project, the pupils were required to design 9 acrylic claddings base on the value of HOME. Prior to that the pupils were required to brainstorm on the idea of HOME and what it means to them, why is it important and what will happen if they lose it.

Following that the pupils worked with an instructor employed by Esplanade to complete the painting of these 9 claddings. The claddings were later displayed during Esplanade Moon Festival in Aug-Sep.

CIP at Lions Befrienders  Association


As part of our efforts to develop our pupils to be caring thinkers and passionate contributors, 30 Art and Ceramics Club members and 5 teachers visited the Lions Befrienders Association at Ghim Moh Road on 27 June 2012. The seniors, teachers and students were engaged in an Origami session, where they were shown how to fold beautiful flowers and leaves. All their hard work paid off when their flowers and leaves were put together to form a lovely assemblage. They also felt proud when they saw their work on display during our Aesthetics Night cum Open House. It was a wonderful experience for our pupils too as it encourages them to help and serve others and to make them aware that despite their young age, they too can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Reflection by Natalie Lui, 4 Bach:

“From the visit, I get to work with seniors from different backgrounds. I understand them better. 
I learnt that no matter what age you are, you can still accomplish anything as long as you put your mind on it and believe in yourself. I enjoyed the experience and hope to do CIP again so that we can make a difference in other people lives.”

Anti-Drug Art Competition is back!


Revolved around the theme, “Towards our dreams. We don’t need drugs”, our pupils participated in the Anti-Drug Art competition organised by CNB where they designed their posters to highlight the negative effects of consuming drugs. The competition also allows them to learn more about what their dreams mean to them and how drugs can be an obstacle in achieving those dreams.

The art pieces were exhibited at Marine Parade, Jurong and Yishun Pubic Libraries as well as Tampines Mall over four weekends from 8 to 30 September 2012.

Well done, Huaminites!



2nd Prize

Commendation Award

ArtOPus Art Competition 2012


In Term 3, our students took part in the ArtOPus Art Competition organised by Orchid Park Secondary School. Based on the theme “No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted! You can make a Difference!”, our young artists were encouraged to reflect on the value of kindness. They tried to recall incidents where they had witnessed or experienced kindness and suggested new ways to show kindness to the people around them. The experience provided our students with the invaluable opportunity to use kindness as an inspiration for their creative works.



3rd Prize

Consolation Prize

Aesthetics Night cum Open House


On 6th July, Huamin Primary celebrated its Aesthetics Night cum Open House.

The purpose of this event was to celebrate the successes of our pupils. During the event, not only did the school organise concurrent Ceramics and Origami workshops for our guests, but we also had a mini exhibition of our pupils’ artworks. Pupils were proud to see their creation on display and were inspired to create more beautiful art pieces in the future.

Visit by China delegates


On 5 July, 9 July and 15 August, Huamin Primary welcomed teachers and students from China. Our guests spent their mornings touring the Art Gallery and were involved in Printmaking and Ceramics Sessions. The visit was a wonderful platform for schools to forge long lasting friendship and to allow for the exchange of ideas.

ASEAN Drawing Contest in celebrationof ASEAN’s 45th Anniversary

Our student Chin Ruisi from Primary 6 Marshall took part in the “ASEAN: One Community, One Destiny” Drawing Contest. Her artwork depicted her understanding of youth on ASEAN community-building and integration efforts towards the ASEAN Community by 2015 – one community and one destiny. Chin Ruisi’s art work was not selected for further competition at the ASEAN-wide level. Nonetheless, in recognition of her participation in the contest, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) displayed  her work at the ASEAN Day Reception 2012, held on 2 August 2012 at Shangri-La Hotel.

STAR Workshop for N2 and N3Cluster Art teachers

For two days on 26 and 27 July, 32 Art teachers from the N2 and N3 Cluster attended the STAR Workshop held in Huamin Primary School. Aimed to create awareness of student-centred art lessons, the participants learnt how to apply the principles of student-centred art learning in their lessons. The workshop also provided a platform for art teachers within the same cluster to network and collaborates with one another. From the feedback and reflection, teachers felt that they are more familiar with student-centred art lessons and will implement it in their own schools.

Visit by Fukushima, Japan teachersand students


On 31/7 a group of Japanese high school students visited Huamin Primary School. The aim of the visit was for the visitors to interact with our pupils and to view the “LEGO CITY”, a sculpture created by our pupils in an effort to motivate the victims of the Tsunami disaster to build a better city for themselves. However, both our pupils and our visitors part with an even greater gift i.e. of friendship. The meaningful project was featured in Lianhe Zaobao on 29 August 2012.

Origami orchid displayed at Gardensby the Bay


For a whole month during the National Day period, Huamin Primary’s pride and joy, the Origami orchid was on display at Gardens by the Bay.

                   The Origami orchid that was created in2010 through the efforts of teachers and students consisted of 10,500 plus origami modules. This art work also raised more than $20,000 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation and ST Pocket Money Fund to help the less fortunate children. We are delighted that this year, this large piece of artwork will bring joy to the viewers and visitors of Gardens by the Bay

Primary 2 Learning Journey toSingapore Art Museum


In Term 3, we were glad to chance upon the opportunity to bring the P2 pupils on a learning journey to the 8Q @ SAM to view the only interactive art exhibition that are specially designed and created for our young audience,The Art Garden. Through this learning journey we aim to not only raise awareness that art can be used as a fun and interactive teaching tool, but to also expose our pupils to our pool of talented local artistes.  The accompanying teachers and pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout the learning journey and some even planned to bring their own family members to view the exhibition.

Peace Poster Contest


Two of our students participated in the Peace Poster Contest organised by Lions Club Nanyang. Based on the theme “Imagine Peace”, the young artists painted their visions of peace. The works created were unique and expressed their life experiences and culture.



2nd Runner Up

Consolation Prize

‘City of Hope’ in Little Red Dot


On 16 October 2012, our students were featured in the Little Red Dot for their efforts in building a Lego City for victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami disaster last year. In the newspaper article, our pupils expressed how Lego not only stretched their imagination, but also became a tool to show empathy and care. They also shared their experience meeting a group of twenty pupils from Iwaki in July.

One of our pupils, Quraish Shoeb, 11, commented, “We want to tell the Japanese that they can rebuild their country, brick by brick.”

Visit to John Erdos Art Gallery


On 19 October, our pupil artists together with three teachers visited the John Erdos Art Gallery. They were delighted to view artworks ranging from paintings and sketches, to photographs and sculptures. They felt privileged to be able to view works of Keith Haring as well as meet the artist, Ian Castronovos in person and engage him in a conversation.

They also visited the Red Sea Gallery where they were brought on a guided tour.

The gallery showcases a variety of ceramics, sculptures, paintings and glass works from countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, India and New Zealand.

Overseas Programme to Melbourne

Late October 2012, one of our Art teachers, Ms Zahara, participated in Teacher Work Attachment (TWA) at Aitken College in Melbourne. During the 7-day visit, Ms Zahara not only got a chance to observe and learn from the teachers at Aitken College, she interacted with the pupils there further enriching her learning experience. In addition to that, the trip provided both schools with an opportunity to embark on a collaborative art project. The product of the project entitled “Owls” is now being displayed at Aitken’s Performing Arts Centre.

North-Zone Art Competition 2012


On 7 November 2012, Huamin Primary organised an On-the-Spot Art Competition for North Zone schools. The aim of this competition was to provide a platform for our young artists to express their artistic talents whilst providing them with experience and exposure. The development of young talents in the North Zone was also encouraged via this platform.

Entitled “I Dream a Beautiful Dream”, participants illustrated their personal dreams and aspirations and dreams for their family and loved ones as well as dreams for their country and the world.

The winners are:


Primary School Category

1st Position: Woodgrove Primary School

2nd Position: Naval Base Primary School

3rd Position:  Mayflower Primary School


Secondary School Category

1st Position: Compassvale Secondary School

2nd Position:Compassvale Secondary School

3rd Position: Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

Congratulations to all our winners!

Teachers Art Workshop


North Zone art teachers took time off from their busy schedule on 7 November to participate in a two hours Watercolour Painting workshop organised by Huamin Primary School. Conducted by Mrs Tang Tak Seng, former Specialist Inspector for Art, Ministry of Education, the workshop saw the creative juices flowing especially when they experimented with a variety of techniques and approaches in watercolour painting. Overall, the teachers found the workshop fun and relevant to their teaching and learning. They found watercolour to be a good medium to develop creativity and intend to apply what they had learnt from the workshop in their classroom teaching and learning.

Post PSLE Programme

As part of post-PSLE programme, all P6 students were involved in a Ceramics Workshop where they attended three sessions, namely In Touch With Clay (Session 1), Exploration of Form, Shape and Space (Session 2) and Understanding Glazing (Session 3). They experimented with a variety of building techniques to create sculptural objects while they learnt to think about their ideas and adapt to change along the way. They also experienced applying glaze to their sculptural forms. The students enjoyed the workshop.

Staff CIP for KTP Hospital


On 16 November, in the spirit of love and care, a group of ten teachers came together to paint beautiful flowers which were contributed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. The teachers enjoyed the therapeutic painting session and hope that their paintings would bring joy to both the visitors and patients of KTP Hospital.

Art Camp

A 3-day Art Camp was organised in November for talented student artists from P1 to P6. The camp was organised to promote creativity, exploration and expression within the pupils. It also aimed to cultivate and teach pupils various visual art techniques, and at the same time, provide them with the opportunity to explore a wider range of materials and media across the different art forms. Most importantly, the artworks created by the pupils benefited different beneficiaries such as MDAS, Community Chest and Children Cancer Foundation. This is part of our efforts to help our pupils to be caring thinkers, adventurous learners and passionate contributors while helping the needy.

Art Experience @ Surabaya


During the December holidays, Mdm Noor Aishah went on an overseas programme to Surabaya, Indonesia. The main objective of the trip was to participate in the Artmile Environment Education Youth Summit of Pacific Rim Countries. During the 4-day summit, Mdm Noor Aishah gained many insights and a greater understanding of the Artmile programmes. The highlight of the trip was the visits to Eco-Schools where they shared their eco-activities such as the setting up of Greenhouse. Mdm Noor Aishah was also involved in the discussions on what the participants could do for our future. An afternoon was also spent painting eco-murals with students from Japan and Surabaya. On the whole, the visit was very enriching, inspiring and an eye-opener for the teacher.