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Principal's Message

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Dear Parents/Guardians,
Happy 2019 and Welcome Back!

The beginning of the year always holds such excitement and promise, and for us it is an annual rite of passage where we open our doors and share with you our hopes and dreams for the coming year. I speak for all Huamin staff when I say, what a blessing and a privilege it is to be an educator and to be in a school where every Huaminite is given an opportunity to be Caring Thinkers, Adventurous Learners and Passionate Contributors.

Our school community will continue to be one that values academic excellence, persistence and integrity. Working in partnership, the students, staff and parents commit ourselves to developing the academic, social, emotional, and physical well-being of all children. In a safe and nurturing environment, we strive to maximize each student's potential through a curriculum that focuses on personal achievement and mutual accomplishment. Inspired by the values and attitudes that promote lifelong learning, we seek to assist students in becoming productive members of society. We hope to inspire them to be lifelong learners through our HEART values.

This year, we will celebrate another milestone in the history of the school. Huamin turns 30 and we aim to commemorate this historic moment with opportunities to reflect on our journey and contribute further to the community. We appreciate the long journey the school has travelled through. It gives us many compelling reasons to make this occasion an endearing and memorable one for ourselves.

The Huamin Experience - Bringing Out the Best in Every Child

Our school philosophy of ‘Bringing Out the Best in Every Child’ guides the school efforts in fulfilling our mission of ‘Nurturing Hearts, Enriching Minds and Inspiring Growth.’ Our purpose is to ensure that students have the skills and competencies to compete with the best, the resillience to thrive under pressure and the attitude to capitalize on the opportunity that lies before them. These are essential qualities we equip our children with, as they prepare for the challenges and hurdles of life, especially when they pass through higher institutions and begin to make crucial decisions in life as they climb the ladder of the future.

Each child is unique and special, and the experiences we provide in Huamin will ensure his growth and development in the respective areas of strength and interest. Each Huaminite will thrive through many opportunities where personal development, community service, team work and leadership are all important aspects of growing and inspiring confident, caring, global citizens. Our school will continue to be an inspirational place to grow, work and learn. We are proud of the range of our curriculum and the breadth of our co-curricular provision.

The diversity of our students bring a richness of experience and enthusiasm to Huamin, and this challenges us to find a niche in which every individual may excel and to be valued for the achievements in every sphere. The self-confidence that this engenders enables our students to capitalize on new situations and challenges. It also generates the humility to acknowledge success of others, the compassion to support those who encounter difficulties and the maturity to take responsibility for themselves.
Our Mission - Nurturing Hearts, Enriching Minds, Inspiring Growth

We believe our values and commitment, motivated, caring and professional staff has made our school truly unique, strategically focused on producing future leaders. Our mission is our compass and we seek to deliver our promise through our two Learning for Life Programs (LLPs) and a holistic curriculum that focuses on authentic learning experiences and 21CC through the integration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Character and Citizenship Education (CCE).
Exciting international platforms provided through the overseas cultural immersion programmes and school visits will endeavour to nurture in our students a global perspective and a deeper appreciation of the issues affecting our community. We will continue to harness the collaboration with our key partners and explore new ones with industries or other institutions that share the same goals and purpose.

Let's continue to work together to prepare our students for the demands of the real-world so they may become productive citizens, become our future leaders, and contribute positively to the community. We look forward to more opportunities to nurture hearts, enrich minds and inspire growth in all Huaminites!

In Partnership,
Mdm Noorismawaty Ismail
Huamin Primary School