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Principal's Message

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

2020 is a special year for all of us at Huamin Primary School. We begin the school year at our upgraded site and welcome the youngest addition to the Huamin family, the pre-schoolers in the MOE Kindergarten (MK).

In Huamin, the child is central to everything we do. Our programmes and policies are designed to meet the varied needs and interests of our students. Each child is important to us as we foster him to be a happy learner and help realise his potential. This is best reflected in the school’s philosophy that “Every child can and wants to learn”.

The school has successfully transited to our Interdisciplinary Applied Learning Programme (ALP) with our focus on Education in Sustainable Development. The ALP serves to connect classroom learning with real-life applications and encourage our students to creatively apply concepts to solve authentic problems. It focuses on evoking curiosity in learning, developing inventive thinking and encouraging a dare-to-try spirit. The ALP also promises exciting international platforms through the overseas cultural immersion programmes and school visits. We will endeavour to nurture in our students a global perspective and a deeper appreciation of the issues affecting our community. We will continue to harness the collaboration with our key partners and explore new ones with industries or other institutions that share the same goals and purpose.

Globalisation and technological advances are disrupting and transforming the way we live and work. In this fast-changing world, we need to possess the right attitudes, dispositions and skills to learn effectively and be motivated to learn throughout life. At Huamin Primary, we are committed to creating a vibrant and inviting learning culture and environment as well as an exciting 6-year Huamin Experience that nurtures Caring Thinkers, Adventurous Learners and Passionate Contributors. We believe in nurturing the joy of learning so that every Huaminite can discover his interests, grow his passions, and love what he is doing. We place strong emphasis on developing students holistically and equipping them with 21C knowledge, skills and values in order to prepare them as future global citizens and leaders. It is with this in mind that we design our curriculum and programmes to feature our school HEART values and an Enriching Curriculum.

The Huamin Experience - Bringing Out the Best in Every Child 

Our school philosophy of ‘Bringing Out the Best in Every Child’ guides the school efforts in fulfilling our mission of ‘Nurturing Hearts, Enriching Minds and Inspiring Growth.’

In 2020, the school will continue to guide all our students to give their best. We will continue to bring forth quality teaching and learning with technology and through the design of authentic and engaging lessons. We will endeavour to shape and mould our students into gracious, positive and kind students with a lifelong spirit for learning. We will continue to support our students to discover their talents, passion and interests in multiple domains and areas. I am confident that 2020 will be another exciting and meaningful year full of growth, meaning and opportunities for all.

I would also like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome the following staff to our Huamin family:

Education Officers

  • Mdm Mislimah Misti – HOD MTL
  • Mrs Katherine Faroek – Music
  • Ms Liu Weijie – Chinese Language
  • Ms Cindy Ng – Chinese Language
  • Ms Chelsea Lim Yee Chin – Chinese Language
  • Ms June Lee - Chinese Language
  • Ms Ashvini d/o Yoganathan – English, Mathematics & Science
  • Miss Abby Chow – Music

Executive and Administrative Staff (EAS)

  • Ms Nurnadiah Bte Mohd Sahul Hamid – Corporate Support Officer
  • Mdm Desi Yanti – Operations Support Officer

My sincere gratitude to the following officers for their contribution and dedication to the school:

  • Mrs Aileen Tan
  • Mdm Wu Shemei
  • Mrs Woon Shu Ying
  • Ms Ong Pei Ling
  • Ms Bak Ing Shien
  • Ms Ng Wai Heng
  • Mdm Jamaliah Bte Sulaiman

We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

As a school, we know it takes the whole community to raise each Huaminite. We value the partnership with our parents, the SAC, PSG, Alumni and our community partners. We would like to encourage each and every one to journey with my team of dedicated and caring staff as we give our students a meaningful and enriching schooling experience. In the education that we provide, we would like our Huaminites to Aspire to Excel, to possess the skills to discover and the heart to dare in each phase of their lives.

In Partnership,

Mdm Noorismawaty Ismail


Huamin Primary School