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Updates from Engagement & Research Division (MOE)

Dear Parent Support Group Chairpersons/ Parent Representatives,

A New Year, A New Journey for Your Child


Keep tabs on your child’s progress as she or he transits into the new school year.

Help your child manage the change through these steps:

Take time to seek out relevant information

Revisit how he or she successfully managed changes

Adapt by being open to new experiences

Nurture an optimistic mindset

Step out of his or her comfort zone

Identify and challenge those worrying thoughts

Turn worry into action

Involve him or her in relaxing activities

Overcome stress by breaking down goals into smaller steps

Need a listening ear?

Communicating with Your Child’s Teacher


Here are some tips on how to kick-start communications with your child’s new teacher:


1.       Start off the year on a positive note. Reaching out to your child’s teacher sets the tone for the year, and signals to the teacher that they can trust you.

2.       A good partnership requires a clear understanding of how the parties should work together. Consider sharing these information with your child’s teacher in order to establish a good partnership between both of you:

ü  What language are you more comfortable conversing in?

ü  How and when should the teacher contact you?

ü  Your child’s strengths, weaknesses and interests

ü  Are there any concerns or issues that you may have?

3.       Always focus on your child! J

Remind your fellow PSG members to do the same!

Parent-Child Activities


We have designed the Parent-Child Activity Book to support you and your child in adjusting smoothly to primary school life. The tips and activities in the book are designed to be carried out at home so that you can do the activities with your child.


Explore the ‘You’re An Awesome Friend’ activity in the Parent-Child Activity Book! This activity celebrates friendship and encourages your child to appreciate friends. Although the book is for transition to Primary One, the steps below can be modified for children of different ages.


Step 1: Help your child think of a wonderful friend and an activity that they both enjoy.


Step 2: Your child can draw the activity in the space provided in the book (or on any coloured paper/card) and decorate or colour it.


Step 3: Turn to back of the page and write down the name of the friend. Your child can then sign off with her or his name at the bottom of the page


Step 4: If using the book, the page can be cut out. Your child can then present the page or the paper/card to their friend as a thank you gift.



Feedback from parents of Dazhong Primary students about the book:


Katherine Mah, parent of 2 children:

My son likes pasting the stickers in the book. I will use it to practise reading with him.


Dennis Wan, parent of 2 children:

There are just so many things that parents need to go through with your child before school starts so this is useful to help us think.


Darus, parent of 5  children:

I think it’s just right for a start – we parents sometimes overlook what we need to help the children with, so I like the tips, e.g. time management, help the kids build character, interact with them.Keep tabs on your child’s progress as she or he transits into the new school year.