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Useful Information

School Hours

Monday to Thursday : 7.40am - 2.00pm
Friday : 7.40am - 1.00pm

Visitors To The School

To ensure the safety of all our students in the school premises,
it is mandatory that ALL visitors are to:
  • Exchange their Identity Card for a Visitor's Pass at the security post:
  • Then report to the Admin Centre for assistance after the exchange of passes.
  • Visitors who wish to see any teacher are to make an appointment with the teacher prior to the visit so as to ensure that lessons are not disrupted.
Visitors are to comply with the above Standard Operating Procedures so as to avoid misunderstanding and to maintain the security in the school.

Phone Calls to Teachers

All incoming phone calls will be directed to the Admin Centre.
Teachers will be unreachable during school curriculum hours except for urgent matters. This is to prevent disruption to lessons. Messages will be taken by the admin staff and handed over to the teachers after 2.00 p.m.

Local Student Admission

Primary One Registration for Academic Year 2018. 
Request for Transfer-in to Huamin Primary School
  • Please complete the Wait list - Request for Adminssion into Huamin Primary School and submit it to the Admin Centre together with student’s latest result slips.
  • Students will be given a place only if there is a suitable vacancy.

International Student Admission

  • All international students will have to take and pass the QT/AEIS exam before they are eligible to apply for government primary schools.
  • Please visit the MOE Website at www.moe.gov.sg for more information.
  • Placement is subject to vacancy and results after all eligibility criteria have been met.

Use Of School Premises

Some of our facilities are available for use by the public at government’s special rates subject to the Principal’s approval. 

Please fill up the Application Form and submit it personally to school or email the form to  huamin_ps@moe.edu.sg  
Huamin Primary School
530 Yishun Ring Road
Singapore 768680

School Dental Service
Parents may take their children to the following dental clinics.
(Please call to ensure that a dental staff is on duty before going to the clinic) 

For any emergencies occurring outside the operating hours, please go to School Dental Centre at:
Health Promotion Board
Level 4, No. 3
Second Hospital Avenue.
Tel No. 6435 3782

1. Yishun Pri School          62574737
2. Northland Pri School     62571152
3. Naval Base Pri School    67565473
4. Xishan Pri School           67530632
5. North View Pri School    67584586
6. Chongfu Pri School         67566429
Please bring along your child’s Birth Certificate and Student Smart Card.  Pupil must be accompanied by his/her parent.

School Bookshop

Asencio Pte Ltd ( Mrs Qiao Hui) 
Tel : 9816 8646

Operating Hours :
Monday to Friday
9.30am - 2.30pm (Students only)
11.30am - 2.30pm (Parents)

Office Tel  : 6764 3102 
Office Fax : 6764 1032 

School Uniform Supplier *

Asencio Pte Ltd
Tel: 6764 3102
Contact Person: Mdm Yeo

Operating Hours:
Time : 11am - 2.30pm
Tel : 67472070

School Bus Operator

Sky Transport Services Pte Ltd
Tel: 65549919

Huamin Student Care Centre

For more information, please call the number below.
Tel : 6757 0318

Insurance Scheme For Students

  • All students are covered against minor injuries sustained while participating in all school activities.
  • The school has purchased Basic coverage for all students. The insurance premium for each child is paid by the school.
  • The school also purchased enhanced coverage as a rider for students involved in high-risk CCA sports such as hockey and floorball.

The Edusave Scheme

The Edusave Scheme is awarded to all Singaporean Citizens.
Please visit the MOE Website www.moe.gov.sg for more information.

MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

  • The Ministry of Education Financial Assistance Scheme provides financial assistance for needy Singaporean students.
  • Eligibility Criteria and Application Procedure
Financial Assistance 
Textbook / 
School Attire
(From 1 April 2017)
School fees:
 Not applicable as students do not need to pay school fee 

Standard Misc. Fees:
Full waiver of $6.50 per month

Free textbooks and school attire

Students taking school bus:
50% of school bus fares

Students taking public transport:
$120 transport credit per annum
Students are strongly encouraged to use their Edusave Funds to pay for their 2nd Tier Miscellaneous Fees $6.50 per month.

Eligibility Criteria
The student must be a Singapore Citizen and meets one of the following conditions
  1. The family's gross household income does not exceed $2500 per month; or 
  2. The family's per capita income does not exceed $625 per month; or
  3. The family receives social welfare aid under the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports Public Assistance Scheme (PAS) and the head of household has an official registration pass for social welfare aid; or
  4. The student is a resident of one of the welfare homes or organisations shown in Annex A.

Application Procedure
Please complete the application form and submit to the Admin Centre together with supporting documents as stated in the form.  The school will process the application and inform the parents/guardian of the outcome.