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Level 3

Beethoven / Mozart

Aspiring musicians can look forward to a well-mannered frivolity here at the Beethoven and Mozart. Music lessons are conducted here weekly for each class. The rooms are semi-soundproof and hence it does not disturb the other classes nearby. Dancers also come here to practise their dance routine for upcoming events.

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Cultural Platform

These rooms are our Mother Tongue Language rooms. Pupils converge here for their Malay Language and Tamil Language lessons. As the rooms are not shared with other classes, the noticeboards are pinned up with loads of information about the respective languages. Our immensely popular Conversational Mother Tongue Language programme, whereby pupils are taught basic words of another race, is also conducted here. This is truly a cultural exchange platform.

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The SEED CL room is specially designed to cater to the lower consortium for the acquiring of the Chinese Language. Its manipulatives and resources are on par to those in the Courtyards.

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