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Level 2


The Hall is a great place for assemblies, mass lectures, Speech Day, Graduation Day, celebrations and commemorations.
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The Chrysalis was inaugurated by Mr Wong Siew Hoong, Director of Schools, MOE on 30 August 2007. This air-conditioned Art Gallery hosts a wide variety of art work done by pupils from the North 3 Cluster schools.  A treat for all who appreciates Art.

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Media Resource Library

The MRL is a place for pupils to do their research or read a book in tranquility. It is air-conditioned to provide a conducive environment for such activities to take place. We have an in-house Library Assistant to help answer our pupils' enquiry, book loans and to keep pupils updated on the latest arrivals. There is also a free access area for computer usage within the MRL.  However, usage is restricted to only 15 minutes per pupil.

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Newton / Einstein

These two names are synonymous with the subject Science.  And hence, there is little surprise that these two rooms are our Science Laboratories.  Equipped with the latest science apparatus and an interactive whiteboard, pupils are taken to the labs for experiments and hands-on lessons.  Learning has become so much more fun and meaningful.

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As we all know, all mathematicians need time and space alone to ponder on the ways and methods to solve mind boggling problems. Here at Huamin, we provide them with such a space, the Matrix. All sorts of challenging Math games are kept in this treasure trove. Teachers like to bring the pupils here when they want to stimulate the pupils' mind, especially for a game of Maths Warriors. An interactive whiteboard has been installed to add in an element of excitement.

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LSP Room

Mastering the English Language is not an easy task, but it is not difficult as well. The LSP room gives pupils who are not so apt in English a chance to level up to their peers.  The room is nicely furnished with many manipulatives to give pupils an overwhelming sensory experience.

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LSM Room

The Learning Support for Mathematics room is located just next to the LSP Room. It is also equipped with many learning aids and manipulatives to help pupils who are not so strong in understanding Mathematical concepts a much needed boost.  The room is conducive and visually stimulating giving a non-threatening feel to pupils who are just starting out in Math.

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Room With A View

The Room With A View is really a study corner for pupils who wish to quietly indulge in a book or homework. Student activities are periodically conducted here as well. Our prefects hold their weekly meetings here to discuss about the on-goings in school and ways to help teachers maintain discipline. What a perfect way to groom our leaders of tomorrow.

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