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Level 1

Huamin underwent PRIME in 2002 and the staff and pupils moved into the new premises in 2002. After, the facilities are still constantly being replaced and upgraded especially in the area of Information and Communication Technology.
Our classroom size is large enough to comfortably accommodate 40 pupils and still have space to conduct learning centres in it.  However, our youngest members in the school are grouped in classes of 30, making our SEED programmes more effective.
Huamin has many special rooms for only one purpose and that is to effectively engage our pupils in their daily learning. We have given these rooms names to make them uniquely Huamin.
We have a total of four levels in the school.  Come join me as I take you on a school tour, level by level.

Huamin Deli

Our canteen stall vendors serve healthy and delectable cuisine to nourish our pupils' young growing body and mind. All our vendors received an A grade by the National Environment Agency.  Many parents and teachers from other schools have given thumbs-up to the food our vendors serve. Some even get their children to pack take-aways!

canteen01.jpg canteen02.jpg

Huamin Student Care Centre

Working parents can ease their minds at work as Huamin has its very own Student Care Centre within its premises. With an affordable fee, parents can entrust their children at the Centre with expert care-takers.  The Centre also organises educational programmes to help keep our pupils gainfully occupied.  Call 6757 0318 for more information.

2012-08-30 12.04.14.jpg 2012-08-30 12.04.48.jpg 2012-08-30 12.07.07.jpg

Picasso / Van Gogh / Matisse

Our Art rooms are aptly named after great artists of their time. Pupils are taken to these rooms to create their very own masterpieces and for exciting enrichment programmes conducted by external vendors to further value-add to our pupils' artistic knowledge.

picasso01.jpg picasso02.jpg matisse01.jpg

Galaxy 1 / Galaxy 2

Just like the infinite galaxies in the universe, the Computer Labs are named after them.  The Galaxy 1 and 2 hold some of the latest ICT equipment to enhance our pupils' learning in school.  Enrichment programmes and ICT competitions are conducted here.  Each lab has 40 PCs to allow all pupils a chance to operate it.

galaxy01.jpg galaxy02.jpg

Gladiators Arena

The Gladiators Arena is an area which allows our pupils to work out a sweat and pump their muscles. It complements and supplements the PE lessons in school and allows our pupils to enjoy themselves while working out.  Located near the Jungle, the air-conditioned gymnasium provides pupils a scenic view while they train.

gladiator01.jpg gladiator02.jpg

Track & Field

The Track and Field at Huamin is shared with our neighbouring secondary school North View and it is open for both sides to use. Training for soccer, golf, Sports Day events and PE lessons are all conducted here for optimal performance.

field01.jpg field02.jpg

The Roundtable

The Roundtable is a meeting area to hold important functions.  Ideas and discussions flow freely within this room and are then later put into action.  The school's key personnel conducts monthly meetings in this solemn room.

roundtable01.jpg roundtable02.jpg

Fitness Corner

To further promote healthy living, the school has its own Fitness Corner for pupils to utilise and keep fit.  However, pupils are only allowed to use the area under the teachers' supervision as there are a few high elements at the Corner.

fitness02.jpg fitness03.jpg

Wall of Pride

Throughout the years, Huamin has participated in numerous competitions, activities and turned up at many important community functions.  As such, our school has amassed many trophies, plaques and certificates.  And of course, we are very proud of our achievements, so we decided to share our accomplishments with the pupils, parents and visitors by placing all these ornaments at the Foyer for public viewing. Enjoy!

wall-1.jpg wall-2.jpg

Koi Pond

The Koi Pond is located outside of the canteen.  It adds to the soothing and therapeutic ambience as it allows pupils to do their self-reflection while listening to the water flowing. The pond is also our N3 COE sculpture, INFINITI's permanent residence.

pond01.jpg pond02.jpg

The Jungle

Huamin's Jungle depicts a tiny portion of the rainforest.  Providing a green respite from the hectic but fun schedule of every staff and pupils.  The Jungle also houses more than 20 different species of plants.  This allows Science teachers to conduct mini gallery walks as an outdoor lesson within the comforts of the school premises.

jungle01.jpg jungle02.jpg jungle03.jpg

Basketball / Volleyball Court

Huamin pupils are encouraged to be healthy and play.  These two venues are just some of their favourite haunts which pupils gather around for a good game of fun.


After a busy and fruitful day in class, teachers need a well-deserved recess. Hence the Staffroom is really a sanctuary for us. We conduct mini-meetings, marking, administrative work, organising activities and many other things here.

staffroom01.jpg staffroom03.jpg

Admin Centre

The place where our Corporate Support Officers answer your calls and queries and settles most of our teachers' administrative matters.  Visitors are to report here first in order to meet any teachers.

admin01.jpg admin02.jpg

Pearly White Clinic

Also known as the Dental Clinic, where pupils are scheduled to visit our dental therapist at least once a year for their dental "servicing".

dental-1.jpg dental-2.jpg

NE Corner

As National Education is an important aspect of every Huaminite, Huamin has designated an area specially for it. Articles, news, quizzes and artifacts that are to do with NE are placed here for pupils to view. Plans to install 2 Touch-Screen kiosks are underway to better enhance the Corner and to make learning interesting. 

2012-08-29 09.31.47.jpg 2012-08-29 09.32.26.jpg

Central Staircase

The Central Staircase is the place for our budding stars to showcase their singing and dancing talents in front of a live audience.  Nothing comes closer than this!  Our monthly Music and Dance (MAD) Friday is held here.

centralstairs01.jpg centralstairs02.jpg

The Sick Bay

When pupils are unwell, this is the place where they will rest and recuperate. It is kept clean and tidy every day by our dedicated Operations Support Officers.  Medical supplies are also replenished regularly just in case of an emergency. 


Rainbow Glow

When pupils are down and out or when they feel the blues and have worries on their mind, this is the place they go to seek solace. Our trained counsellors are always ready to help them tide over any difficulties.

rainbow-1.jpg rainbow-2.jpg

Bouldering Wall

It is a place where P1 to P4 pupils will learned about team spirits through their Physical Education (PE) & PAL Outdoor Education Programmes. 

_dsc1023.jpg _dsc1029.jpg

Rope Challenge Course

Another fun activity where P1 to P4 pupils will be exposed to Rope Challenge Course. They will try to overcome the challenges they face during this activity.

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