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Principal’s Message

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

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It is with great pride and excitement that I welcome you to 2017 with Huamin Primary School. I am fortunate to be leading a school with such dedicated staff, amazing students, and supportive families. I look forward to fostering relationships with you and working with the Huamin staff to provide a nurturing, engaging and joyful learning experience for each child. 

Bringing Out the Best in Every Child 

My mission as a Principal is to bring out the best in every child. To this end, I lead the school in our endeavours to achieve the following: 
Every Student an Engaged Learner - We seek to foster the joy of learning and provide quality holistic education where students enjoy learning, are motivated to pursue their interests and go on to fulfil their full potential. 
Every Teacher a Caring Educator - Teachers lead, care and inspire by word and deed, through the care we give. 
Every Parent a Supportive Partner - Parents complement the good work of our teachers and bring encouragement, inspiration and wisdom to the child’s learning journey. 
Engaging Community as Partners – Harnessing supportive partners in creating opportunities for every student to learn for mastery, learn throughout life and learn purposefully and meaningfully. 

Nurturing Hearts, Enriching Minds, Inspiring Growth 

The staff at Huamin Primary School will be focused on creating learning experiences for our students that are rigorous and engaging, positive character building, and providing exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities for all students. Our entire team is eager and excited to begin what promises to be an incredible year. The teachers have been engaging in professional development to ensure they are prepared to foster learning environments that provide opportunities for students to create, collaborate, and communicate while promoting critical thinking, important 21st Century Competencies to prepare our students for the future.
Technology integration remains a focus for every teacher in Huamin. We continue to implement a technology rich environment via the curriculum. Our students will be challenged to use their critical thinking skills to be problem-solvers of tomorrow. Huaminites will engage in projects that have real world connections and provide an opportunity to learn how to authentically research solutions to problem-solve. Through the school’s two Learning for Life Programme (LLP), we will continue our school’s emphasis on Visual Arts and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) to enhance the 21st Century Skills of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical-thinking and Citizenship. Students will have the opportunity to engage in signature activities such as the ESD Outdoor Camp and several creativity inspired activities which include Ceramics and Print Making! 

This year we will continue to develop and refine our Restorative Practices (RP). We will continue to support students with behavioral, social and emotional goals. The staff at Huamin Primary School believes in showing their appreciation for positive behavior and demonstration of our school-wide expectations of HEART values. Furthermore, students will engage in some Values in Action (VIA) projects so that our students learn the importance of helping others in our school and local community. 

One of the greatest characteristics of the Huamin family and learning community is the genuine care and compassion shared between staff, students, and parents. I envision the school as a place where staff and families come together to ensure that the children entrusted into our care grow to be productive, confident, compassionate members of a global society.

Staff Movement

We warmly welcome the following staff to our Huamin family:
  • Mr Yap Heng Yeow - HOD Science
  • Mdm Fang Mei Teng - English Language & Social Studies Teacher
  • Mdm Sharifah Mariam Bte Syed Ibrahim - English Language & Social Studies Teacher
  • Ms Norhidayah Bte Ahmad – English Language & Mathematics Teacher
  • Ms Sharini Bte Mohamed Sahib - Malay Language Teacher
  • Mrs Tham Wenjun - English Language & Mathematics Teacher
  • Mr Muhamad Fadhli Bin Zulkiflee - English Language and Science Teacher
  • Miss Noor Hidayah Binte Roslie - Admin Assistant

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the following staff for their contributions and dedication to the school:

  • Miss Zhang Fujun
  • Mr Tan Yong Li
  • Mr James Rozario
  • Mdm Siti Nordianah Bte Hassan
  • Cikgu Bedah Bte Ali
  • Cikgu Hassanah Bte Ahmad
  • Mdm Siti Aishah Binte Husain

We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

In conclusion, we hope that the improvements we are making henceforth will allow us to continue to touch lives and help our students find meaning and purpose in their educational pursuits. We are thankful for the contributions that you make as we strive to fulfill our mission. The greatest success is found when we work together to meet the needs of our children. Indeed, I look forward to an amazing 2017 and beyond!

In Partnership,

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Mdm Noorismawaty Ismail
Huamin Primary School